Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: Start Your Day for You

When it’s your first time, everything is exciting. Sure you’re nervous, but that’s a good thing, like the way you feel waiting in line for a roller coaster. Your knees are knocking and you’re thinking “I don’t know if I really want to do this.” Then you go on the ride and squeal, “Wheee! That was fun! Let’s do it again.”

Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: The Passionate Path for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business Isn’t as Quick and Easy as the High of Valentine’s Day

If you’re like me you love the high of Valentine’s Day and the passion it inspires. But, how would you rate your passion about your career? What kind of flowers would you send to your legal nurse consulting business? Or send to your RN job at the hospital if you’re not yet a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant? Would you send roses, lilies or a tumbleweed?

Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: “Look at Me and My Awesomeness” Is More of a Strategy for Instagram than for Your Success

When I take the stage, whether it’s for 1,200 Certified Legal Nurse Consultants at a conference or to introduce a legend like Oprah (as I did at a past Consultant 2.0 reception for a workshop I was conducting with Stedman Graham), my secret to success is to focus on the audience, not on how I’m performing. I simply focus on being present, real and relevant to the CLNC® consultants I’m there for, and it works.

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