Always Dress for CLNC® Success (Even If You’re Just Getting the Mail)

Our more casual attire doesn’t always set us up strategically for spontaneously meeting attorney-prospects. Professional Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know there’s such a thing as comfortable, too comfortable and way too comfortable, and they dress accordingly anytime they step out the door.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: How to Protect Yourself Digitally

All Certified Legal Nurse Consultants have heard the news about the increasing numbers of major companies who have had credit cards and other personal data accessed by hackers. More and more of these breaches have involved personal information as well as credit card numbers. If your data has been included in the information that was “hacked” you’ve probably received a notice from either that merchant (Target, Neiman Marcus, etc.) or from your credit card company that you need to protect yourself. Given that the bad guys apparently have addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, those miscreants now have many ways to contact you also.

Social Media Warnings for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Social Media Warnings for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Social media accounts such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Instagram® and their like present a wealth of potentially damaging information for both plaintiff and defense. Many people leave those accounts open to public viewing, indexing and searching. It’s common and considered standard practice for attorneys to review the public and private social media accounts of their own client and the public social media accounts of the opposing parties,

9 Lessons Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Learn from Shark Tank

A friend asked me if I’d seen “Shark Tank.” I shared that I’ve dived and snorkeled in open waters with sharks in Fiji, the Galapagos and Maldives, but never in a shark tank. She laughed and said, “I’m talking about the television show in which entrepreneurs pitch their business plan to a group of multi-millionaire entrepreneurs (and a billionaire or two) in hopes of getting investment money to launch or grow a business.”

The show sounded just as interesting as swimming with real sharks and after checking it out I came away with some insights that entrepreneurial-thinking Certified Legal Nurse Consultants can use in your CLNC® businesses.

Tom’s Tech Tip: When the Weather’s Cool – It’s Time for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to Get Cooler

Computer cables are pretty much all the same – black or white and sometimes shades of gray (but not 50). They’re functional, but not cool. If you’ve got a future CLNC® consultant in college or high school who has a birthday coming up – here’s the ideal gift: bungee-style USB cables that will work with any USB device – whether it’s an iPad®, iPod®, Android® or other USB device. They come in varying colors, styles and every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant will agree they are a terrific upgrade from that plain white Apple® cable.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Go Where the Attorneys Go

If you want to introduce yourself as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to a lot of attorneys in a short period of time, consider going where they go. You might not get invited to their parties, but you can attend the conferences they attend. Check the legal conferences in your area that relate to your CLNC® business: medical malpractice, personal injury, products liability, toxic tort, workers’ compensation or criminal cases and sign up to exhibit.

The 7 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success for Nurses

As a successful business owner and entrepreneur who’s been in business for 32 years I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way. There were no classes or support groups for nurses that wanted to own businesses in 1982.

Here are 7 keys for entrepreneurial success I learned through the school of entrepreneurial hard knocks.

  1. Act like the entrepreneur you strive to be. Every encounter is a possible audition for an entrepreneurial opportunity.
Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: Promises to Make to Yourself

Promise #1 reminds us that we don’t have two-compartment lives – an RN life and a personal life. We only have one life. You can’t turn passion off at your RN job and go home and turn it on again – you just can’t.

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