Challenge Your Legal Nurse Consulting Goals with These 3 Questions

I wake up every morning with new ideas, ventures and projects for me and my staff. But before I enter into a new venture or project, I ask myself these three questions: “What do I want to come from this venture? Why am I really doing this? How will it benefit me and my clients?” I want to have a clear picture of the goal that I am striving for before I go all in. By clarifying the goal at the beginning, I believe I determine the outcome instead of the outcome being determined by all of the things that happen along the way – those things that distract me from my focus and cause me to settle for less than I wanted.

NACLNC® Conference Attendees: 6 Final Important Instructions for the NACLNC® Conference March 2-9, 2013

Attention Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: we’re down to the most important part of the 2013 NACLNC Western Caribbean Conference Cruise information and that’s the Conference itself. Click here for the Conference Cruise itinerary of all our special NACLNC Networking Events. Then continue reading for some special announcements that will ensure your NACLNC Conference goes smoothly:

Opportunity Knocks: 10 Ways to Make Sure 2013 is Your Year for Big, Positive Change

Here we are, it’s February 20th and you’d like to say that 2013 is looking to be a banner year. That you made the career change you’ve been dreaming about. That you took a leap of faith and finally launched or expanded your legal nurse consulting business. If 2013 is starting to look like the same old disappointments as 2012, don’t despair, 2013 can really be your year.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: To Tech or Not to Tech – That is the Question

With the NACLNC Conference Cruise just ahead of us, let’s talk about a serious subject. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, do you try and go “cold techno-turkey” for your 7-Day Weekend? Or do you bring your tech-toys like your laptop, tablet and smartphone and risk all the international roaming charges and fees associated with not disabling the right settings? I’m not sure what’s riskier – being out of touch or being too much in touch.

The Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Revival Plan: Eight Ways Stressed Out Nurses Can Revive and Renew − Mind, Body and Soul

You’re a nurse, which means you work yourself to the bone for ever-diminishing returns, thanks to meager pay raises and the rising cost of everything from gas to food to health insurance. Meanwhile, you serve as family nurse, cook, maid, shrink, tutor and handyman at home…plus when life’s little “emergencies” crop up − a broken water heater, a toothache, a parent-teacher conference to discuss your son’s recent homework boycott − well, those land on your plate too. No wonder you feel you’re one permission slip away from a complete breakdown!

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: What’s the Most Dangerous Thing on Your Computer?

Most Certified Legal Nurse Consultants will probably respond “my spouse or my children.” But the answer is surprising – it’s your web browser. Of course users contribute to the danger by constantly clicking on things they shouldn’t, downloading memory-hogging “enhancements” and visiting unsafe websites. But no matter who is using it, the web browser is the point of entry for all sorts of dangers. We all use the web – whether it’s for doing research for your legal nurse consulting business, researching attorney-prospects or using web-based email.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Try to Fix It

I was negotiating the renewal of a contract with a company I’d worked with for several years. I have a solid relationship with the CEO, so each year we simply change the dates on the new contract, leaving the contract terms the same.

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