Cheap Can Be Expensive for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Everybody, including me, loves a bargain. While I don’t like to actually bargain, I do like to feel that I’ve received value for my money. If I get that value during a sale or find something I want at a heavily discounted price, I’m happy. But one thing I won’t do is buy cheap at the expense of quality. While cheap may feel like a bargain at the time, it often ends up costing more in replacement costs, repairs or in a state of dissatisfaction.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Are Gold-Plated Cables Worth Their Weight in Gold?

I was unpacking my portable printer and I realized that my USB printer cable had gone walkabout, probably left behind on a recent trip. However, this was not entirely bad news, my CLNC® amigos. This gave me a perfect excuse to drop by my favorite computer store, not just to grab a new cable, but to also wander the aisles with tech-lust in my heart and the company AMEX in my hand.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – You’ll Thank Me Later for This One!

On our vacation to Provence, I consciously left my iPhone® at home. That sounds good and healthy, right? Well it did feel good and healthy right up until the time I stepped off the airplane in Paris and reached into my purse for my phone. Nothing there. Momentary tachycardia, like when you can’t find your wallet, car keys or wedding ring (Where was I last night?). I remembered the phone was at home, took a few deep breaths and headed to passport control.

The ADHD Jury – Fact, Fiction or Opportunity for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants?

A recent article in Lawyers USA titled “When Jurors Zone Out” claims that trial attorneys assume that they must treat all jurors under the age of 30 (some attorneys say under 40) as if they have ADHD. This isn’t a medical diagnosis, but an assessment based on behavior during voir dire and at trial. It doesn’t make someone with ADHD a bad juror, but it does create special challenges for the attorney trying to present a complex medical-related case. Some attorneys are even making decisions on whether or not to take a case to trial based in part on whether the subject matter will be of interest to a jury and whether the case can be presented simply and relatively quickly.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Wow – Is That You in that Sizzling Hot Legal Nurse Consulting Video?

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are probably aware that the reason viruses and malware proliferate on the Internet, Facebook and other places is because people click on the darn links. The reason spam proliferates is not just because it’s cheap to send out 200,000 emails with one click of a mouse, it’s because people actually click on the links and buy the fake drugs or whatever else is being peddled.

Put Some Heart in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Many of you know I share my birthday with my twin brother Vince. (No, we’re not identical, he’s my brother.). When we were teenagers, our parents took us to the local roller-skating rink for our birthday party. All of our friends came and we were soon skating clockwise around the rink, all at different speeds and at different levels of skill.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Know to Tell’em, Tell’em again and then Tell’em What You Told Them

Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know that one of the tricks to effectively communicating with attorney-clients is to recognize the different forms of communication necessary to get a point across. One of the best methods I’ve found is this: explain the issue in plain English, then explain it again using an example and finally, explain how the example illustrates the point you just made twice.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Have You Customized Your Google and Yahoo! Homepages for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business?

It’s never good to rely on just one search engine. On June 7th I recommended that CLNC® consultants keep both a customized Yahoo!® and Google® homepage in their browsers. In an even earlier blog, I explained how to customize your Google homepage for RSS feeds which will keep you in the know. This week I’ll tell you how to do the same for your Yahoo! homepage.

Is Courtroom Technology Helping Your Legal Nurse Consulting Clients?

Courtroom technology is a wonderful thing. Use of technology in the courtroom [has gone far beyond the good old days of poster boards, overhead projectors and VHS video playback. Now we see state-of-the-art animation played directly from attorneys’ laptops and viewed on wide-screen televisions that would make any sports fan drool. There’s touch screen technology which allows attorneys or witnesses to annotate projected images of evidence and portable Elmos to allow plug and play projection of evidence to individual video monitors for each juror. The courtroom is changing as jurors demand entertainment along with the evidence and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants should always look for ways to recommend their attorney-clients make the best use of that technology.

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