Embrace All Generations in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Over the holidays, four generations of my family gathered together to celebrate and, of course, to have a great dinner and some terrific wines. My 85-year-old father represented the first generation present. Next came my generation, including my twin brother Vince, my sister Karen and me. Karen’s sons Joshua and Matt were next and, our newest generation, Joshua’s daughter – my 9-month-old great-niece Reese. After dinner, we discussed the differences in the generations and, as with all of my Italian family discussions, it got quite enthusiastic with lots of hand-waving, a raised voice or two and everybody talking at once.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Don’t Jump the Shark in Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

My tech tip this week is a spin-off from Vickie’s blog about What Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Learn At the Mall. If you’ve been in a movie theater, mall or computer store lately, I’m sure you’ve seen that HP is pushing its Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-in-One printer. Like any other printer, it can be plugged directly into a home network. It also has a built-in wireless connection that can tap into your home wireless network (”Look Honey, no more cables.”), allowing you to place the printer wherever you want. What’s truly novel about this new printer is that it’s “Internet-enabled.” Yes, that’s right, you can use your printer to search the Internet and print what you find – a map, photo, Web page, whatever. If you can stand the small screen, then you don’t even need a computer or monitor to use this printer. Is that the genius or the defect?

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Are You Providing Tech Support as a Legal Nurse Consultant?

This week’s tech tip is in response to all the telephone calls, emails and anxious faxes I’ve received requesting tech support – not from Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, but from my parents. Prices on computers keep falling and some legal nurse consultants out there may have succumbed to the temptation of purchasing your parents a computer for the holidays or at the sales that follow. If you haven’t yet done the deed, you may want to think twice or even three times about it.

Contrary to the Experts – The Experts Aren’t Always Right

My success, like that of many entrepreneurs, is built on challenging the experts – not relying on them. Our Founding Fathers weren’t expert politicians. Our captains of industry weren’t experts in their fields. Our best inventors weren’t experts. America and almost all of our achievements were built by a nation of amateurs, tinkerers and inventors constantly poking, prodding, testing and discarding what didn’t work until they eventually hit the magic formula for success.

Success Strengths for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: Fire

One thing I know about nurses is that you didn’t get into nursing for the big bucks, the big raises or the big perks (like the cafeteria food, going four hours without a restroom break or the five-minute lunch hour). To do everything that nurses do every day, you have to be wired by passion, by a fire that drives you to make a difference in the lives you hold in your hands. Nurses have the strength of fire and passion. But are you as fired up about nursing today as when you first started? If not, what are you fired up about?

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: The Best Defense is to Watch Not Only What You Say – But Where You Say It

This isn’t an official Tech Tip; it’s more of a ramble so I apologize in advance. Those of you who want a Tech Tip can learn about TwitterPeek, probably the most useless handheld device ever. Read this story about TwitterPeek, a device that is designed for Twitter and only Twitter (and maybe email). If you can figure out a reason to carry another device for your legal nurse consulting business let me know. The rest of you please keep reading.

CLNC® Success Story: I Met My Goal for Immediate Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Success

The Single Most Important Strategy for Success as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

I want to share this video of a brand new Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who attended the Las Vegas CLNC 6-Day Certification Seminar. As a VIP, David Kuntz had already studied the CLNC Certification Program via DVDs at home, so he came to Las Vegas already certified and excited to share his immediate success. Watch this video as David shares the single strategy that made it easy to launch his CLNC business.

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