What News Ticker Is Running in Your Head?

The other morning Tom and I were sitting in our favorite Starbucks casually eavesdropping on some of the conversations around us. Soon the conversation at one table came around to the death of Michael Jackson.

Leave Your RN Career Comforts at Home to Embark on Your CLNC® Adventure

I love to travel to remote places. I’ve been deep inside the Arctic Circle, the Antarctic, the high Himalayas and the plains of the Serengeti. The farther I am from home the clearer my mind becomes. All of my energies (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental) realign and I’m renewed again. But only if I’m careful to leave my American comforts at home.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Word? (Word!) for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Legal Nurse Consultings live in a Word, Word, Word, Word world. There are other word-processing programs, there are open-source programs and there’s even Google Docs for those of you who live in the cloud (and Word for Mac for those who can’t use real computers). But for main stream, main street, main line Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, there’s Word. If it doesn’t come preloaded on our computer we rush out to buy it. Why? Not because we want it, but because we need it.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Windows® 7 – What’s New for Legal Nurse Consultants and How You Can Get Win7 Features Without Upgrading!

Windows 7 came out last week and the Windows world is buzzing about its cool new features. Some of these features are familiar to Windows Vista users and are slightly upgraded. Other features are new and will be useful to legal nurse consultants while some are just cool. The new Win7 delivers a lot of highly technical upgrades and security upgrades plus one really cool upgrade – the ability to create “Libraries” which are collections of files of the same type, no matter what directories they’re stored in on your hard drive (it shows all your photos – no matter where stored). Let’s take a quick look at the coolest upgrades I’m excited about and how the average Windows XP or Windows Vista user can get them without suffering through the upgrade to Win7.

The CLNC® Pros Describe Their Favorite Attorney-Clients

Legal nurse consulting is a relationship business, so I asked the CLNC Pros to describe their favorite attorney-clients. Each one is different, but pay attention to some of the common themes throughout. Developing satisfying relationships with our attorney-clients is one thing Certified Legal Nurse Consultants love about owning their CLNC businesses.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: It’s Almost Time for Windows® 7! Are You Ready? Should You Be? Do You Care?

Windows 7 will officially be released into the wild on October 22 and will be sold with new computers. If you’ll remember, Windows XP is no longer officially supported by Microsoft (although it will be available for limited purchases until 2010). People who are buying new computers with Windows Vista will be given the opportunity to make a free or low-cost upgrade. That’s the news.

Are You Copping Out as a Legal Nurse Consultant?

Once a year I drag Tom to a health spa in the desert for a week (he calls it the “bunny ranch” because of the predominance of salads, veggies and other healthy “rabbit” food on the menu). The spa I like has a great medical department along with its other amenities (massage, yoga, hiking, etc.). I go to get a medical check-up, nutritional evaluations and a fitness assessment with the goal of reigniting my commitment to wellness.

What Should Attorneys, Doctors, Plaintiffs, Defendants, Jurors and Legal Nurse Consultants Be Chatting About on the Internet?

That’s a pretty powerful question with many different answers. Back in June, I tweeted about a high-profile case that involved an MD who was blogging about his medical malpractice trial as the trial was in progress. I used this as an example to illustrate why Certified Legal Nurse Consultants should recommend that their attorney-clients check out social media (and the blogosphere) for postings by opposing parties (and their own parties), before and during a trial. That case ended in a substantial settlement for the plaintiff after the MD was shown to have exposed trial strategy, ridiculed the case and made generally inappropriate postings for which he was confronted during the trial.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Can Legal Nurse Consultants Afford to Backup? Or Can You Afford Not to Backup?

I was speaking with a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant the other day who had just spent the last couple of days rebuilding her file system after a virus infected her computer. When I asked her why she didn’t reload her data files from her backup, she confessed that she hadn’t run a backup in over five months. The time she saved by not performing regular backups was minimal compared to the time it cost her to rebuild her system and search for “lost” files.

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