Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Don’t Jump to Conclusions as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Yesterday morning, well before most RNs are groping about in the dark for their first cup of coffee, I went into my office and noticed my computer was shut down. That’s pretty abnormal for me as I usually leave it running 24/7. In fact, I only shut it down when I travel, take it to the office or I bring it home from the office. So to find it shut off was disconcerting.

minimum legal nurse consulting fees

3 Reasons to Never Charge Minimum Legal Nurse Fees

One of the building blocks of your business as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is training your attorney-clients to give you adequate time to do justice to a medical malpractice case or any type of personal injury case. Setting a minimum fee (e.g., 20 hours minimum) sounds intuitive, but it’s not. Here are three reasons to never charge attorneys minimum legal nurse consulting fees:

Vickie Milazzo’s Favorite Quotes

Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Joe Girard

Yesterday I mentored a successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Gloria, who is gearing up to retire. She doesn’t want to discontinue her business, she just wants her CLNC® subcontractors to do all the work.

systemizing legal nurse processes

7 Processes You Must Systemize for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

In your RN job it’s easy to see that the hospitals with the best systems have a better shot at delivering optimal healthcare. Systemizing processes is as imperative for your legal nurse consulting business as it is for healthcare facilities. The goal is to surround yourself with a team of subcontractors, and ultimately employees, who can replicate you, or even implement tasks better than you.

CLNC Success Story: How Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Kim Anable Got a Case and Tons of Attorney-Prospects in One Day

CLNC® Success Story: How Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Kim Anable Got a Case and Tons of Attorney-Prospects in One Day

There’s nothing more exciting for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants than being surrounded by a large group of interested attorneys on their own turf. That’s what happened to Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Kim Anable, RN, MSN Ed, CLNC. She put herself in front of a large group of attorneys at a national legal conference with LegalNurse.com’s CLNC Marketing Mentor. Kim quickly obtained an attorney-client who sent her the records for his case while she was still in the exhibit hall.

Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: Wait to Be Ready and You’ll Never Be Ready

When I started my legal nurse consulting business I was working overtime at my RN job at the hospital just to pay my mortgage on my tiny one-bedroom condominium. I didn’t have time to start a business no one else had ever done before (consulting with attorneys on medical-related cases), but I did it anyway and the intellectual, emotional and financial payoff was huge.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Operating System Upgrade and Update Conundrums for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

One thing for sure about operating systems (OS) is that they will be upgraded. Another thing we know for sure is that the operating system upgrade will be buggy – at least at first. I know that all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants depend upon LegalNurse.com to keep ourselves on the front-lines of legal nurse consulting technology and, we do the best we can do. But when it comes to operating system upgrades, I must say, in my experience, it’s usually “downloader beware.”

RN job salary compared to a legal nurse consultant salary

How Does Your RN Salary Stack Up Against a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s Fees?

One variable that contributes to the huge level of stress among RNs is the fact that RNs are working harder than ever with little to no reward. Indeed, whether or not you get a pay raise in your RN job is dependent upon the kindness and generosity of healthcare administrators – people well known for rarely looking out for RNs. According to the Department of Commerce, RNs are losing ground in the salary department even as hospital revenues are reaching record highs.

Vickie Milazzo’s Favorite Quotes

Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Hippocrates

When it comes to our health, I believe we are what we eat. Now before you get too caught up in this philosophy and start going all vegan or paleo on me, let me explain. Wouldn’t you agree that, with some exceptions, health is directly related to diet and all the medicine in the world can’t and won’t heal a bad diet?

*The opinions and statements made by Vickie Milazzo, the founder of Medical-Legal Consulting Institute, Inc. are based on her experiences and expertise, should not be applied beyond the specific context provided, and do not guaranty or project actual results. Vickie Milazzo is no longer involved in the operations or management of the business, but is involved as an independent education consultant.

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