Create Napa-Style Estate Experiences for Your Attorney-Clients

I’m still celebrating my birthday thanks to Tom. And the celebration includes lots of great wine.

Ever since my director of education stopped us from serving wine at our breaks at the CLNC Certification Seminars (darn), Tom and I have looked for every opportunity to go wine tasting and usually get that chance around the New Year’s holiday.

Dare to Appear Foolish

I’m celebrating my birthday today and want to thank all of you who sent the fantastic cards, emails and presents. Your generous thoughts, prayers and messages mean so much to me. (Whoever sent the 2005 Chateau Petrus Pomeral… you really shouldn’t have.) Also, I would love to share what Tom has planned for this evening, but this blog is rated G. Suffice it to say, “What happens in Texas, stays in Texas.”

Ask Vickie: Personal Information Management


As a busy Certified Legal Nurse Consultant with a number of attorney-clients, I’ve been wondering, what kind of personal information management (PIM) software should I be using?

15 Ways to Move Like a Maverick at the 2009 NACLNC® Conference in San Antonio

Even though I grew up in New Orleans, I love Texas, where I’ve lived since my college days. I agree with native Texans who say you never have to leave the state to experience what all the other states can offer put together. So, for the students and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants coming to the 2009 NACLNC® Conference on the San Antonio Riverwalk, March 12-13, 2009, here are just 15 fun ways for you to enjoy your Texas-sized weekend in San Antonio.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: USB Driving Me Crazy!

I haven’t gotten into the “cloud” yet. Something about keeping my documents in the vast reaches of Cyberspace doesn’t appeal to me. But for a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who needs to move documents from one computer to another, I tend to prefer “sneakerspace.” This is where USB flash drives (or memory sticks) stand out. I don’t like to email confidential documents and burning them onto a CD is time consuming. Instead I jack a USB drive into one of the spare ports on my computer and drag the document(s) onto the drive. The hardest part is remembering to get the drive back from the recipient. It’s also another way to carry or send a set of your important data, reports, presentations, graphics, etc., from one location to another without having to carry a laptop or burn multiple CDs.

Marathon Subcontracting

I always joke that, “you couldn’t pay me to run the Houston Marathon.” But there are people who get paid to do just that. Marathon running can seem like a lonely sport but not all marathon runners run alone. Even marathon runners hire subcontractors (at least the ones who win enough races to be able to afford them)!

Are You Passionate About Your Valentine?

How would you rate your passion about your career? What kind of flowers would you send to your legal nurse consulting business? Or to your nursing job at the hospital, if you’re not yet a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant? Would you send roses, lilies or a tumbleweed? Would your expression be love or disdain?

Ask Vickie: Attorney-Client Contracts


I was hired by an attorney to locate a testifying expert. When I sent the contract to the attorney to sign, he sent it back requesting that I put the plaintiff’s name in the contract instead of his. I learned in the CLNC® Certification Program that the contract is always between the law firm and me and that is how I have always done it. Should I consider his request or stick with the way I was taught?

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Google Smarter Not Harder

Okay – this week it’s search engine tips. Google is by far the most popular search engine today. Many legal nurse consultants even use it as a verb (“No Billy I won’t help you spell tuberous. You’ll just have to Google it.”). So, if you’re going to use Google to the illogical exclusion of all other methods of searching, here’s how:

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