Stretch Your Tastebuds Beyond Mental Junkfood to Improve Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

This morning, while having my cup of healthy green tea, I looked over and found Tom reading a hardback copy of Next of Kin by Joanna Trollope. After the double-take, I asked him where he’d found it and he told me “on your bookshelf.” Then I remembered, all the books on the bookshelf I’ve talked about in my earlier blog are ones that we’ve read and, for whatever reason, have decided to keep. They’re paperbacks, hardbacks, a few legacy books, novels, biographies, travel books, fiction, science fiction (Tom), history, one on gardening that must have been a gift, and my book Inside Every Woman published in English, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian and Chinese (Soon to be joined by the Korean version!).

The CLNC® Pros Share Gift-Giving Strategies

The day before Thanksgiving is the perfect time for all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to contemplate all that we appreciate about each and every attorney-client and what they mean to our CLNC businesses. Plus, it’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts for your attorney-clients. I asked the CLNC Pros to share some of their favorites, along with some gift-giving strategies for their legal nurse consulting businesses. Check out Larry’s strategy – giving gifts any day of the year. I hope you all have a Thanksgiving filled with love and gratitude.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Is That Website Seal a Seal of Approval or Seal of Fate?

Whenever you visit a website, you’re presented with a lot of information. The LegalNurse.com’s LegalNurse.com website offers by my estimate somewhere around 1,005,402 pages (more or less) of legal nurse consulting information. When you’re shopping to make a decision about an expenditure whether it’s to support your career as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, to buy a CD or book from Amazon.com, a new computer from HP.com or something as simple as a new business blouse from Sears.com for that important attorney-client interview, you’re presented with a dazzling array of “seals” and “trust marks” of quality from different organizations. Some are real, some are genuine and some are not. Some are “sound-a-likes” for other famous brands and more than a few trustmarks are images which have been improperly copied and pasted.

Are You Hanging with the Biggest Losers?

I have a nursing friend who’s overweight and she really wants to lose the extra pounds. I’ve watched her and listened to her stories as she has tried just about everything. She’s done the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet, and the Atkins, South Park, South Beach, Long Beach and Muscle Beach diets. Each one lasted less than a week. Her lack of success at controlling her weight motivates me to stick with my plan of eating healthy, clean, no sugar and to exercise at least five times a week – no matter what; no excuses! She’s now considering lap band surgery and yet another weight management support group.

What Legal Nurse Consulting T-Shirt Are You Wearing?

Tom has a T-shirt he picked up in Fiji a couple of years ago while on his quest to dive with hammerhead sharks. It says, “You can run out of air and die. You can get bitten by a shark and die or you can fall off the couch and die. Get off the couch and into the water!”

What Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Learn at the Mall

Tom, my twin brother Vince and I were walking through the mall the other day with no particular destination on our minds. It was just one of those evenings when you just troll the mall because it’s there. Since we didn’t have a goal or focus I found myself taking in the shops from a different perspective. Normally, I’m what Tom refers to as a F&F shopper – fire and forget. I’m a laser-like focused shopper, entering the mall at a fast pace, making my purchases and coming back out just as fast, paying no attention to the in-between.

Veteran’s Day Thoughts

My father, Sal Milazzo, is a veteran. The Army took a skinny 106-pound young man from New Orleans and an Italian mess hall cook fattened him up to 125 pounds. When Sal wasn’t peeling potatoes on KP, he learned to box (that’s the black-eye in the photo). The army sent dad to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for winter training and then trained him to fight an enemy hidden in snow. Using Army logic they sent him to the Pacific to fight the Japanese in places like Angaur and Peleliu during World War II. Dad’s younger brother, Frank, is an Army veteran too. He fought in the Korean War (for some reason politely called a police action).

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: When Is Healthy Green Tea Not Good for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business? When It’s Spilled Into Your PC!

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who uses a laptop will one day face the peril of having their coffee, lemonade, margarita or healthy green tea spilled onto their laptop computer. It will never be on purpose and it will be an unpleasant surprise that comes at the worst possible time (Don’t they always?). How you react and how quickly you react may make the difference between life and death for your legal nurse consulting PC. ICU nurses will have an advantage over the rest of us, but today’s Tuesday Tech Tip will help to level the playing field, while still allowing for a successful resuscitation. Legal nurse consultants who are desktop users may only end up with a sticky mouse or sticky keyboard, both easy to replace. If you’ve somehow managed to spill liquid into the case of your desktop computer, well my CLNC amigo, you’ve got more problems than just a wet PC. Instead, I’m going to focus on laptop users.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Are You Ready for Camp? Camp Buck-Up That Is!

Many legal nurse consultants have either been sent off to camp as a child or, as an adult, sent your children off to camp. Today I’m thinking about starting a new camp and I’m calling it Camp Buck-Up! This camp will be for all the people out there who have to be told to “buck-up” on a regular basis. This includes more than just the people who continually forget their responsibilities (Why are the laryngoscope batteries dead?), the whiners (You want me to help you lift which patient?) and the complainers (This is the second night this week they served okra in the cafeteria and I didn’t get any.).

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