Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Take Back Control of Your Spell Check Function

As we rely more on software programs doing our spelling for us, we can actually create spelling errors that we don’t notice, but your attorney-clients might. One of the issues with any word processing application is that once you accidentally mark a misspelled word as correct, that’s how the software spells the word until you do something about it. For example, you create your legal nurse consulting report for one of your attorney-clients and you misspell pleurisy as pleuricy. When you’re spell-checking the document you figure Word just doesn’t know any medical terms, and since you do, you click Add to Dictionary.

To Do or Not To Do? Which List Are You Working On Today?

Most of us like to believe that our day is driven by our to-do lists. We all have one and I’ll admit I have several, some much more ambitious than others (world domination, check!). But if we look closely, we often have to confront the fact that what keeps us from achieving those items on our to-do lists isn’t the complexity of the projects; it’s that we spend more time on what should be our “to-don’t” list or our “not-to-do” list. I call that majoring in minor things.
Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: You Never Know What You’re Missing If You Don’t Get It!

Email is not perfect. Some days one person’s messages deliver and the next day they bounce and you never receive them. Sometimes an email leaves your outbox and never arrives but you don’t know it. Some days you get lots of spam and others you get lots more. Is there a reason for this? None that anyone will ever admit to, because there are just too many gears in the machine.

OMG, I’m LMAO Over that #EPICFAIL!

I’m finally learning to accept the fact that Twitter-speak, text-speak and social media language conventions are invading just about every part of our lives. We see Twitter #hashtags displayed during TV commercials, people LMAO over the fact that we can all haz cheezburgers and a great convo with a girlfriend isn’t over dinner but instead by a rapid flurry of texting while watching the Academy Awards.