Every Day Can Be Thanksgiving for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Thanksgiving is a special day that I try to celebrate 365 days a year. Every night before we go to sleep, Tom and I say one nice thing about each other. It’s a tradition we have carried out our entire married life. I will admit that some days it’s easy and other days it’s easier. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. This tradition reminds us of the blessings we have in each other, in our friends, family and in all of the Certified Legal Nurse Consultants we love. That one tradition guarantees that we almost always end our day on a happy and grateful note.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Traveler’s Etiquette for the Holiday Season

As we head into the holiday season I know that many Certified Legal Nurse Consultants will be traveling to visit friends, family, and dare I say it, CLNC subcontractors. This will involve planes, trains, buses and automobiles. It will also involve taking our tech toys with us. So I’d like to offer some tips for the travel-challenged and travel-pros:

What’s the State of Nursing Salaries? Dismal!

According to Nurse.com and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2012 the mean salary for RNs was $69,935. That’s up $825 from 2011 or more simply – just 1%. Nursing salaries are flattening out. When you factor in the uncertainties of the Affordable Care Act, an aging baby-boomer population and more states mandating nurse-to-patient ratios, you’d think that salaries would be increasing.

CLNC Success Story: One P.S. in an Email Is the Ticket to New Attorney-Clients

CLNC® Success Story: One P.S. in an Email Is the Ticket to New Attorney-Clients

Melissa Boyd, RN, CLNC was attending the CLNC 6-Day Certification Seminar when just one P.S. in an email to a friend connected her directly with an attorney-prospect. She struck while the opportunity was hot and in less than 24 hours set up an appointment with the attorney. P.S.’s were more common before the digital age, but Melissa proves they work in email as well as in letters.

It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Legal Nurse Consulting!

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of your head and just do what you know you must do. If you want to lose weight and be fit, you can sit around and think about exercising, but to actually get fit and lose the weight, you’ve got to get into the gym and out of your bad diet habits. The same is true for your CLNC business. You can think yourself to death about how to create your legal nurse consulting business, or you can stop over-thinking and actually get started as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

The Real Patient’s Bill of Responsibilities

I’ve blogged about the “Real Patient’s Bill of Rights” and, while I am a strong patient advocate, I’d be remiss if I didn’t blog about the “Real Patient’s Bill of Responsibilities.” If we have a right to healthcare, then it follows that we certainly have responsibilities associated with that right. So, here I go – I’ll take the first stab at what I think the “Real Patient’s Bill of Responsibilities” should be. I know some of you will strongly agree with these and some of you will strongly disagree. Either way, go ahead and share your thoughts. Here’s my take on the “Real Patient’s Bill of Responsibilities:”

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