Genocide Survivor Reminds CLNC® Consultants How Bright the Future Can Be

I was in Kigali, Rwanda talking to a young woman, Darlene, who’d lost her aunts and uncles to the 1994 genocide. As you probably recall, in 100 days more than 1,000,000 Rwandans classified as Tutsi were machine-gunned, hacked and clubbed to death by Rwandan Hutus. Neighbors murdered neighbors. Coworkers killed coworkers. Anyone labeled Tutsi by […]

CLNC® Business Lessons I Learned Gorilla Trekking

Successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know the power of being focused completely on one thing – and one thing only. But it’s easy to forget what that even feels like with our kids, spouses, attorney-clients, legal nurse consulting cases, email and Facebook friends coming at us 24 hours a day. Gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National […]
CLNC Success Story: Five Attorneys Pushed This Legal Nurse Consultant to Get Certified

CLNC® Success Story: Five Attorneys Pushed This Legal Nurse Consultant to Get Certified

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Melissa Williams, RN, CLNC shares that five attorneys kept after her to obtain her CLNC Certification as quickly as possible! Melissa started the CLNC Certification Program online, but decided to attend and get certified at the CLNC Certification Seminar instead. Great choice, as five attorneys were standing in line waiting for […]
Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Web-Surfing Tips for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Reading and researching for your legal nurse consulting work product on the web is absolutely necessary as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. But sometimes reading that important scholarly article on a website can be an annoyingly slow process because the site owner/publisher has broken a simple article into 5 or 6 page views. If you’re […]