If You Feel Invisible – Read This!

I recently mentored a CLNC student, Joanne, who shared that she was terrified of contacting and interviewing with attorneys. A few probing questions got to the heart of the fear. “I’ve spent 30 years being invisible at the hospital with no one listening to me or respecting what I have to say about patients. Now I’m supposed to walk into an attorney’s office and suddenly feel good about selling myself.”
Tom’s Tech Tips

Ask Tom the Tech Tipper: Yo Tom! Why Won’t My Tab Button Change Levels in My Outlines and Lists in Word?

That’s a great question, and I was just about to get to that. I’m a great believer in lists and outlines. Many of my CLNC amigos use the convenient automatic outline and bulleted/numbered list function in Microsoft Word to create reports for their attorney-clients. When you’re creating or editing a list, the handy Tab button allows you to decrease a bullet or drop an outline level (or increase a level if you use Shift-Tab). It’s a fast and furious way to organize your data and your thinking.

Can You Hear Me Now?

I just critiqued a report from a legal nurse consultant. It was obvious she had a lot of expertise to offer the attorney-client and that she had done her research. The problem: the noise factor was so high that I knew the attorney would likely miss the important message. She was all over the map, with thoughts written down at random. No logical sequence of analysis and no conclusion.

What Are You Going to Do with It Now?

I’m a big fan of data. As an entrepreneur, one of the lessons I’ve learned is that what gets measured gets done, or at least gets analyzed. Whether you’re running a legal nurse consulting business or selling cupcakes, data helps you to run and manage your business and you can’t run a business without data. But a big mistake I see people making is not putting brain power into the data analysis once it’s collected. Data doesn’t mean anything if it’s not interpreted properly.
Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Now That You’ve Lost It – Don’t Lose It!

Unlike death and taxes, losing your smartphone or tablet isn’t inevitable, but may be likely. A CLNC consultant may put her device down at a crowded reception full of attorney-prospects or while exhibiting her legal nurse consulting business at a legal conference or it may just fall out of her purse/pocket without her knowing it. Once you survive the initial panic after realizing that it’s gone, the first thing you should do, if it’s a phone, is call it to see if you hear it ringing (or to see if someone answers). The second thing you should do is assume that it’s gone for good. If you subscribe to a service such as “Where the *#$% is my iPhone” try and locate it that way, but remember that every minute you spend searching for that device gives the miscreant who has it a better chance of hacking your life.