Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Flying CLNC® Consultants – Would You Rather Be Connected or Free?

I was writing a Tech Tip on a flight home and needed to fact check a statement. I went to open up Firefox® and was suddenly gripped by the cold realization that I couldn’t access the Net, at least until we were wheels down in Houston and I could activate my wireless card. For that moment, I was disconnected all alone in the world and while I wasn’t experiencing withdrawal, I missed the convenience of Googling something of interest for your legal nurse consulting businesses. Continental/United, my airline of lack-of-choice, has yet to offer in-flight Internet access. Other more progressive airlines are already doing so, charging an added cost for it like they do for seat cushions, food and restroom access.

Get In Touch with Your Legal Nurse Consulting Dragon

I believe in dragons – at least the Dragon Naturally Speaking® software on my laptop and the accompanying app on my iPhone®. I’m so in love with my Dragons that I can’t imagine life without them. If you’ve ever had a “eureka” thought but no paper to write it down, you’ll appreciate the mobile Dragon. The app allows me to dictate up to a minute of pure brilliant thought or instructions, save them and then, if necessary, edit or add onto them. Once I’ve completed my “voice memo” or “voice directive” I’ll email it to myself or the responsible staff member and have an electronic paper trail to keep them (or me) on track.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Memory Sticks, Viruses and Safe Computing – A Legal Nurse Consulting Primer

In today’s brave new world Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are learning that the potential for privacy intrusions and data loss comes in many different forms. One form could be a laptop computer becoming a zombie, having its hard drive ransacked and then joined into a botnet after its operator visits a poisoned website. Another could be a laptop with confidential documents stolen from a locker or the trunk of a car during a Zumba® class or taken from a legal nurse consultant’s briefcase while at lunch. In extreme cases overly intrusive customs agents have been found to image and copy the contents of a laptop’s hard drive upon entry into a foreign country. Even sending email over a free but non-secure hotel or coffee-shop “Wi-Fi” hotspot can give the bad guys a chance to get your documents.

Ask Vickie: Can Traveling Be a Strategy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants?


I live in Las Vegas but grew up in North Carolina and still have plenty of contacts there. Many of those contacts know attorneys. One friend even works at the courthouse. They have all offered to put me in touch with attorneys they know. Should I make a trip to North Carolina to interview these potential attorney-clients face-to-face or should I contact them by phone and email first?

Joseph, RN, CLNC

Hi Joseph,

Congratulations on recognizing that friends and contacts everywhere are valuable to expanding your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting business. Aim to set up 4-6 interviews over a 2-day period. Call or email the attorneys to schedule interview dates and times. You have a higher probability of successfully getting a case if you can get your foot in the door and meet the attorneys face-to-face. Alternatively, if the attorneys trust your contacts enough to hire you based on their references and an email, schedule a telephone call or Skype interview and go for it!

Congratulations on making the most of this great opportunity.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share how you’ve used contacts to expand your legal nurse business or used Skype with attorney-clients.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Do I Really Need to Eject My Thumb Drive from My Computer or Can I Just Yank It Out?

Like almost every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant on this planet, I use a USB jump/thumb/flash/portable drive to transfer documents, reports, PowerPoint shows, programs, videos, photographs, etc., from one computer to another computer using the “sneakernet.” There are many reasons to do it this, but usually it’s one of two: first, the computer I’m moving the file to isn’t networked, or I’m defeating the antivirus software that would block me from emailing an executable file (like an installer) to the user/computer where I need to install or run it.

CLNC® Success Story: How a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Became Involved in Class Action Lawsuits through the Back Door

CLNC® Success Story: How a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Became Involved in Class Action Lawsuits through the Back Door

Lorraine Perrit, RN, MSN, OCN, CLNC shares how she became involved as a CLNC® consultant in class action litigation against the tobacco industry through her involvement on a case with an attorney. These tobacco cases are now taking up most of her time as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Take a moment to view Lorraine’s CLNC® Success Story and the benefits she has since enjoyed!

What Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Can Learn from a Cheeseburger

There’s a small restaurant in our neighborhood that specializes in burgers. We often walk past it when we’re out cruising our hood and it’s always busy. So when we decided to try it, I had high expectations. My mouth was watering in anticipation but my reality couldn’t have been any further from my expectation. The burgers were pretty bad and even Tom, who is not that picky about hamburgers, didn’t finish his. What made the hamburger bad was the meat itself had no quality.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: You Can Take Them with You – Your Legal Nurse Consulting Passwords at Least

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants practice in a world of passwords. You use them to access your computer, the NACLNC® Community, your email, research and shopping sites, and just about every worthwhile place you go on the World Wide Web. There are three common mistakes people make with passwords. The first is that they use the same password for just about everything. The second compounds the first – they use simple passwords instead of good, safe “hardened” passwords. The final mistake is that they don’t change their passwords on a regular (or even irregular) basis.

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