Thinking About Waiting to Become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant? Think Again!

An RN attending the CLNC Certification Seminar shared that an attorney has been badgering her for five years to become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant through Vickie Milazzo Institute. When I asked her, “What took you so long?” I was expecting her to say something like, “I got married” or “I was recovering from an accident,” but instead she said, “I thought the program was expensive.”
Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: One Step Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Should Take on Facebook

This Tech Tip isn’t about protecting your personal information, it’s more about preserving or deleting it. Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has probably run across a Facebook page belonging to someone who’s deceased. It might have been a friend, a nursing colleague from your RN hospital job, a CLNC subcontractor or an attorney-client (which explains the unpaid invoices). The problem with Facebook is that if someone doesn’t have the log-in credentials to close an account, after someone passes, the page(s) remains forever.

The Top 5 Signs You Are a High-Maintenance Legal Nurse Consultant

Attorneys like working with professional Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. One aspect of professionalism means an attorney doesn’t have to give you a second thought unless it’s to rave about your medical malpractice case report. No one likes to think they’re high-maintenance, but it pays to look at yourself from someone else’s point of view.