Legal Nurse Consultant Success Story

CLNC® Success Story: How I Consult on Medicare Appeals as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I consult and assist acute general inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs) with Medicare Part A appeals. It is somewhat different from working on medical malpractice or personal injury cases. Although I do work with the corporate facility attorneys, once a case escalates it goes to the level of an administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing.

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I’m at the American Association for Justice Convention in Baltimore promoting Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to trial attorneys from all over the U.S.

Vickie Milazzo’s Favorite Quotes

Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Pablo Picasso

I have the best job on the planet. I help make registered nurses (the heroes of healthcare) happy. While 84% of RNs say they do not consistently get respect and appreciation at their RN hospital jobs, Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are unanimous that respect is just one of the many benefits they enjoy consulting with attorneys.

Legal Nurse Consultant Success Story

CLNC® Success Story: How I Knew It Was Time to Cut the Cord from My RN Job

After I became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I built my attorney-client base from one to four attorney-clients while still working at the hospital. Many weeks I worked 10-15 hours of overtime at my RN job in the ambulatory surgery department. And while this added to my checking account, I felt physically drained, mentally bored and definitely not in control of my nursing career. My CLNC business suffered because my hospital job took priority.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Let Your iPhone® Stand Up!

I’m a gadget guy. I love gadgets. Here’s one I think is stellar – Fuse Chicken’s Une Bobine iPhone stand. If you purchase the stand and the car adaptor, it will allow you to place your iPhone at a reasonable height in your car. That way, when you’re using your phone for directions, as would a busy CLNC consultant on her way to meet with a new attorney-client, it’s right where you can hear it or glance at the directions without taking your eyes too far off the road.

Farm Stand Finds – Healthy Summer Eating for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants on the Go

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta have fun and when I haven’t been working on the National Nurses’ Stress Survey, I’ve been having a lot of fun this summer. This photo is a small depiction of just how much fun I’ve been having. As you can see, it’s not a traditional farm stand, and it serves its share of unhealthy foods, so I’m writing this article as much for me as for you.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Check Your Biases at the Door

Every medical-related case you analyze as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant holds a truth of the facts – i.e., exactly what transpired. Yet we weren’t there, so there is something standing between that truth and the outcome of the case whether it settles or goes to trial. That something is perception. Perception is not truth, it is interpretation.

Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: This TO DO Is a Must for RNs and Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

The National Nurses’ Stress Survey revealed that a whopping 88% of the RN respondents find it difficult to do something fun at least once a week. I personally wanted to cry as I read many of the comments about the lack of joy in the personal lives of nurses, including one from an RN who said, “About to get married and can’t get time off.”

*The opinions and statements made by Vickie Milazzo, the founder of Medical-Legal Consulting Institute, Inc. are based on her experiences and expertise, should not be applied beyond the specific context provided, and do not guaranty or project actual results. Vickie Milazzo is no longer involved in the operations or management of the business, but is involved as an independent education consultant.

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