Vickie Milazzo’s Favorite Quotes

Vickie’s Favorite Quotes: Virgil

Being able to do anything (becoming a legal nurse consultant) is not just about acquiring a skill, it’s also about acquiring a specific mindset, i.e., believing in one’s own capabilities and potential.

Vickie Milazzo's Thoughts for Success

Thoughts for Success: 95% of Success Is Consistently Repeating What Already Works

I’m an entrepreneur, so I naturally like to create new things. But, any successful entrepreneur knows that 95 percent of legal nurse consulting success is consistently repeating what already works. So as much as I like to create, I have to tame that urge and, like you, focus on implementing the basics day after day after day (even though that can occasionally get boring).

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Legal Nurse Consultants It’s Time to Bring Some Sanity to Your Apps!

It’s an app-happy world. No matter what platform you have on the smartphone you use for your legal nurse consultant job you probably have a plethora of apps. And, I can bet they’re scattered all over your screens depending simply upon when you downloaded them. In fact, I’ve seen Certified Legal Nurse Consultants with so many apps they can’t even find the one they just have to show you right now – but can’t. That’s insane!

Legal Nurse Consultant Success Story

CLNC® Success Story: CLNC Consultant Lisa Feather Reveals How She Turned a Tragedy into 100 Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

In this CLNC Success Story Video, meet Lisa Feather, RN, BSN, PA-C, FMCSA ME, CLNC who returned from a leave of absence to find she no longer had an RN job after 32 years of service for the same healthcare facility. Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn how she turned a tragedy into building a legal nurse consulting business and working on 100 legal nurse consultant jobs.

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