Savvy Travelers Forget Spontaneity – Unless They’re 22

I recently met a 22-year-old woman who traveled with a friend to West Africa for several months with no plans and even less money. The ground (and I’m not talking camping here) substituted for a hotel room, street food for restaurant cuisine and a rickety second-hand motorcycle for luxury transportation. She loved every minute of the stripped-down trip and undoubtedly it will be the memory of a lifetime.

Wine and Dine with Your Attorney-Clients

Attorneys love only two things more than winning a big case – the celebratory eating and drinking that comes afterwards. Whether you’re in the early, middle or trial stage of a case, if your attorney-client offers to take you to lunch or dinner, go! It’s a great chance to build a rapport and get to know the attorney better.

Postcards Are a Cheap and Effective Marketing Strategy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Have you noticed that you’re getting a lot less snail mail these days? Technology rules and one day soon our postal system won’t be delivering those stacks of magazines and catalogs to our door six days a week. The trend toward email and texting is exactly why this is the perfect time to send postcards to attorney-prospects. I actually notice postcards more today than I did ten years ago because I receive a lot fewer of them.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Show Me Your Desktops!

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant I’ve ever met who uses Windows XP® knows the utility of using that small Show Desktop button that resides in the Quick Launch section of their Windows Taskbar. I’ve always found it a handy option – the ability to instantly clear my screen by clicking one little icon. It frees you from having to minimize multiple windows in order to find that one legal nurse consulting file that you’ve saved to your Desktop. But, like all taskbar icons, it can get deleted and we become lost without it.

Make Your Connections Count: 10 Things You Need to Know (Now!) About Successful Networking

In the business world, we’re often advised to network. Interested in changing careers? Network! Need to attract some new clients? Network! Wish you had a knowledgeable mentor? Network! The fact is, networking is a valuable and effective tool that can enrich and advance your legal nurse consulting business…when you use it properly. The problem is that many of us are wasting our time with a type of networking that is not working.

Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Darn that iPhone Diptionary!

As much as I love my iPhone®, the autocorrect feature needs improvement. You know what I mean. It changes words we’re typing into words we don’t mean to type. Just the other day I received a text from a good friend that said “Phuket.” Now, you and I know that Phuket is a beach resort in Thailand. But what Siri, Steve Jobs and the Apple Nation doesn’t get is how or why that got into a regular text instead of the word “okay.”

Savvy Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Share Testifying Experts

Attorneys must have experts to litigate their cases. While only 5% or less of medical-related cases ever go to trial, attorneys will rarely settle a significant case until the opposing side has put its experts on the table. This is why locating experts is one of the most lucrative CLNC® services a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant can provide to attorneys.

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