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Thoughts for Success: Living a Life of Significance

I aspire to live a life of significance and this quote reminds me that living that life requires intention.


How significant is it to get the highest score in Candy Crush® or be the fastest responder in Words With Friends®? Time is a precious gift, not to be wasted. What will you do today to be significant?

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share what living a life of significance looks like to you.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts for Success: Living a Life of Significance

  1. Living a life of significance is doing something every day which speaks to who I am and what/where I want to be in the future. I do something every day to help someone else; it maintains my sense of spirituality and my beliefs as to who I am. Every day, as Vickie has recommended in the past, I do something significant for my business. I connect with attorneys. I book appointments. I prepare marketing materials. I talk with other CLNC® consultants for pointers. I put in several hours reviewing cases. (I also enjoy and act on Tom’s Tech ideas-I love my illuminated keyboard!)
    I think the most important moments though are those of reflective thought and quiet time, when I can piece it ALL together with a good cup of coffee!

  2. Life is too short to not enjoy every day. I maintain my days with morning spiritual rituals, then family, then my business. Every day is a treasure if one will seek it.

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