Time: A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s Most Precious Gift

My mom died from breast cancer at age 48 leaving many of her plans and dreams unrealized and unfulfilled. Five months ago, a dear 84-year-old friend was given four months to live, but she decided she has a lot more living to do. Both my mom and my friend reinforce the understanding that time is more valuable than money and possessions.

By time, I’m not just talking about the spare hours we have in a day before or after work or those hours enjoyed on our day off. I mean the quality of how we spend our time, whether it’s business or personal. That time is a precious gift we’ll never get back, so tell me, what is it you do with yours?

Most of us spend more time at work and in our careers than we do on our personal life. That’s why spending our valuable time in and on a career that satisfies our cravings is a necessity, not a luxury. The same goes for what scant personal time we have. Creating and doing something more meaningful than playing Candy Crush® or tweeting our lunch is just as necessary and ultimately more fulfilling.

Whether you’re growing your legal nurse consulting business or simply creating a space to spend time with your family, invest wisely in time that feeds your creativity and your soul. Then it won’t matter whether you’re consulting on a complex medical malpractice case or sitting on the beach. You’ll be doing exactly what you want to do at that moment in time.

I’m just sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you enjoy the precious gift of time.

5 thoughts on “Time: A Certified Legal Nurse Consultant’s Most Precious Gift

  1. Yes, I agree completely. Time is a precious commodity; we can never get it back. Recently, I have begun practicing what I used to do years ago – I never try to spend an hour or 30 minutes without getting some useful task done.

  2. Hi Vickie,
    Great advice! It really is something to remember!! But, ever since I started my CLNC® business – I HAVE had more time and MY time!! I have traveled (frequently w/ you on the NACLNC® Conference cruise) and I’ve been to places I never thought I would have the opportunity to see. My CLNC® business has allowed me to do things on my time schedule ~ NOT someone else’s.
    Thank you !!
    Penny Watkins RN, BSN, PHN, CLNC

  3. Blessings to you Vickie,
    I agree with you. We must treasure each day – use our time well. Value time and spend it not only on our business and family, but use a portion to help others. It is very rewarding when someone says, “thank you for your valuable time.”

  4. On my Dad’s 88th birthday he said that he would live to celebrate his 90th, but “That’s enough.” Earlier in 2013 Dad passed away having almost reached 92-years-young. During his 90th and 91st year, Dad experienced the joy of greeting the births of his 9th and 10th great grandchildren as well as celebrating 65 years of marriage with my Mom. With regard to life and business experiences we all (including Certified Legal Nurse Consultants) need to be “looking ahead” rather than to let our business plans reflect “That’s enough.”

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