Four Strategies to Get on Focus and Stay on Focus for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Whether your goal is to launch a legal nurse consulting business or to grow your CLNC® business, now more than ever you must have a consciousness about whether you are on or off focus.

I am blessed to be passionate about my business, and because I grew up in New Orleans, I am equally passionate about playing. I just spent four days hiking in a remote part of Utah and am already planning the next trip. Most people can’t believe I take 12 weeks off every year, but the big reasons I am able to do so are not only that I have 23 awesome employees and great subcontractors and vendors who do just fine (and often better) without me, but also because when I work, I work with focus.

Today it is so easy to get caught up in all the superficial, time-sucking distractions of the Internet, email following you everywhere, YouTube, Facebook, texting and Twitter. But to succeed big, you will want to get on focus and stay on focus.

To find time to launch or grow your business and still have quality time for yourself, try these four strategies for working with focus.

  1. Focus on one Big Thing at all times. When you always have something big on your agenda and touch it most days, you have the constant reminder of what it feels like (and how good it feels) to be productive. There is nothing like the momentum of momentum to keep your momentum going. This is one of the reasons successful people achieve big over and over again.
  2. Stop being the fastest email responder. There is no greater blow to productivity than email. No matter how good it feels to empty your email inbox, you don’t have to keep it open 24/7. You can check email every two hours and still be perceived as responsive by your attorney-clients. If you’re too quick to click they may even wonder whether you’re really working on that important case. I am not saying email isn’t important. I am just saying that email is not important every second of the day and that success isn’t defined by how quick you click.
  3. Stop being social. It feels good to hang out on Facebook, but don’t let social media become an obsessive compulsive disorder. I know a woman who spends her entire working day on Facebook and Twitter and has lost a client or two because of it. Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect and can even be used to market your CLNC® business. But if you find your first and last calls of the day are Facebook, and not your significant other – the last time I checked, there’s professional help and prescription drugs for that 😉
  4. Interrupt the interrupter. I personally think there’s a secret alarm or flashing green light that goes off the moment I shut my office door to focus. But there’s one person who is responsible for more interruptions than anyone else. Who’s that? That’s right – you. All of the things I talked about above – email, Facebook, Twitter – are interruptions you invite into your mental space. It’s also easy to interrupt yourself with the whining, complaining and negativity that derail your productivity. Pay attention to your most intimate companions and how they influence your productivity.

In today’s busy world, it’s more important than ever to work with focus. Guard your time carefully. It’s a precious gift, not to be wasted. When you begin to work with total focus, you’ll miraculously find time to grow your business and also get to go outside and play.

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share the temptations that keep you off focus.

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