Play Big and the Little Stuff Won’t Be Important

We all know that one person who stresses over every little thing – like getting groped by TSA at the airport, the waitress taking too long to bring the check or the pizza’s not crispy enough. I believe there’s a direct correlation between not having enough “big stuff” to do and stressing over the little things.

Deadlines Can Be Deadly for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Deadlines can become a double-edged sword for CLNC consultants. On one hand, a generous deadline creates the space for you to produce your highest quality work product. Likewise, a short deadline trains you to be efficient and helps you learn how to create work product that is cost-effective and “good enough.”

Challenge Your Legal Nurse Consulting Goals with These 3 Questions

I wake up every morning with new ideas, ventures and projects for me and my staff. But before I enter into a new venture or project, I ask myself these three questions: “What do I want to come from this venture? Why am I really doing this? How will it benefit me and my clients?” I want to have a clear picture of the goal that I am striving for before I go all in. By clarifying the goal at the beginning, I believe I determine the outcome instead of the outcome being determined by all of the things that happen along the way – those things that distract me from my focus and cause me to settle for less than I wanted.

Ask Vickie: Is It Too Late to Retie the Connection?

I have spent the last two years recovering from an illness that kept me from working on my legal nurse consulting business. During that time, I have lost contact with my attorney-clients. Is it too late to revive those business relationships?

Get Whacked Like a Buddhist

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite excerpts from my book Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman. Every time I read this excerpt I laugh and am instantly transported back to Kyoto.

Don’t Let the Details Take the Wind Out of Your Legal Nurse Consulting Sails

I just mentored a very successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Her issue: she loves being a CLNC® consultant and the freedom that comes with it, but the operational part of her business sometimes takes the wind right out of her sails. The parts she enjoys include the marketing, working with her attorney-clients and locating experts, but the processes necessary to keep her CLNC® subcontractors and employees on track can suck her spirit dry.

Interrupting Your Interruptions Can Take Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business to New Heights

At Vickie Milazzo Institute we have lots of policies and procedures. Not as many as we had at the hospital, but still enough to fill an electronic employee manual to overflowing. One of my favorite policies is the Institute’s “Interruptions” policy. This simple policy sets up a hierarchy of reasons and times when a person working “on drive-by,” as we call a closed door, can be interrupted. The intention behind this policy is to give us all the space and time we need to do that work which calls for uninterrupted concentration. Of course, this policy is routinely and regularly ignored.

Is There a Skip in Your Record or Just in the Song in Your Head?

Okay, that’s a question that a lot of new Certified Legal Nurse Consultants might not know how to answer. In the world of digital media and MP3s, we no longer have to deal with skips in the middle of a song like we did when we listened to CDs or LPs. I’m so glad the days are gone that I have to worry about washing the lotion off my hands before handling my Prince CDs, or having to carefully slide an album like Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” vinyl album into its sleeve and then into the album cover at just the right angle to keep it from catching and scratching one of the tracks.

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