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Thoughts for Success: Interrupt the Interrupter to Take Control of Your Time

We all have issues with time management. Even the most successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultant will struggle with time management skills at one point or another. It seems there’s always something or someone getting in the way of our legal nurse consulting productivity. Frequently that someone is you and that’s why one of my favorite thoughts for success is to interrupt the interrupter.

Thoughts for Success: Interrupt the Interrupter to Take Control of Your Time

There’s nothing that comes between us and our goals more than the obstacles we put in front of us. Be honest ☺. How many times have you been hard at work on a difficult project and find that you suddenly feel the need to take a short break to check email, Facebook® or go clean a toilet or two? Interrupt yourself from interrupting and you’ll rise to a new level of legal nurse consulting productivity.

If you think this Thought for Success applies to you (or even if you don’t) and you want some practical time management tips on how to interrupt the interrupter, here are six blogs to help you get on track:

  1. How to Boost Your Legal Nurse Consulting Productivity with One Easy Stroke
  2. The Only Possible Guarantee of CLNC® Success
  3. What Do Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Who Multitask Know That You Don’t?
  4. Four Strategies to Get on Focus and Stay on Focus for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business
  5. Interrupt the Interrupter
  6. Interrupting Your Interruptions Can Take Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business to New Heights

I occasionally remind my staff to stay focused and to “Interrupt the interrupter” – unless of course it’s me doing the interrupting. LOL!

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you interrupt the interrupter.

One thought on “Thoughts for Success: Interrupt the Interrupter to Take Control of Your Time

  1. These are good blogs, like introducing you to yourself and learning how to interrupt the interrupter. It takes a lot of concentration and action to get results as a CLNC® consultant. When life throws a curve, I have to be honest with myself in responding and how to deal with interruptions. Thanks!

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