Marcia Bell Discloses the 5 Marketing Strategies She Uses to Obtain More Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Marcia Bell Discloses the 5 Marketing Strategies She Uses to Obtain More Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Vickie teaches in the CLNC® Certification Program that everything we do in business is marketing. Marketing is always changing. Our market changes, our method changes, our legal nurse businesses change. Here are 5 strategies I use in my CLNC business to obtain more legal nurse consultant jobs.

  1. Exhibit at legal conferences. If you go where the attorneys are, you have many opportunities to talk with prospective attorney-clients. I ask them, “Who summarizes your medical records? Who does chronologies on the records?” This leads to further opportunities to discuss the legal nurse consulting services I provide and give them my brochure and business card. My presence frequently reminds an attorney that he has a case that needs my help. Typically, I get at least one case from exhibiting which more than pays for the cost of the exhibit table.
  2. Sponsor a trial lawyer association. Soon after starting one of my sponsorships, an attorney called and requested me to organize the medical records and summarize cases. He said he had at least 50 cases! Five years later, I have summarized 63 cases and have organized medical records for even more.
  3. Offer to bring breakfast or lunch to the law firm while you present your CLNC services to the attorney and relevant office staff. I went to an open house at a law firm and offered to return with breakfast. When I arrived with breakfast, the attorney started to share with his coworkers all that I could do for his office. I thought, “Let him market my services for me. I have him sold.”
  4. Offer to do a presentation to paralegals and legal assistants on a related topic. One of my favorites is “How to organize medical records.” The assistants are the gatekeepers to getting more legal nurse consultant jobs and are always open to learning more.
  5. Offer to give a discount for the first case. That offer sometimes tempts the attorney to try you. Always give the attorney more than requested for the “Wow” effect.

If you’re ready for your next legal nurse consultant job add these five strategies to your marketing plan.

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Marcia L. Bell, RN, BSN, CAPA, CLNC owns Bell Legal Nurse Consulting in Maryland. Marcia works as a consulting expert on medical malpractice, personal injury and criminal cases. She also works as a testifying expert in PACU cases. Marcia is clinically active part time at a magnet hospital.

P.S. Comment and share your favorite marketing strategies for obtaining legal nurse consultant jobs.

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