Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

10 Common Misconceptions About Legal Nurse Consulting

10 Common Misconceptions About Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know they have a good thing going and enjoy their private club. Because they consult with law firms and insurance companies you won’t meet them in the hospital setting. In fact, there’s a high probability you’ve never met a legal nurse consultant because they don’t hang where you hang – hospitals, long term care facilities and doctors’ offices.

24 Nursing Specialties Attorneys Need to Win Cases

24 Nursing Specialties Attorneys Need for Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Attorneys litigate a tremendous variety of medical-related cases which necessitate analysis by legal nurse consultants. There are 24 nursing specialties that grab attorneys’ attention for legal nurse consultant jobs in medical malpractice, personal injury, products liability, toxic tort and criminal cases.

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