9 Exhibiting Strategies for Obtaining Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

9 Exhibiting Strategies for Obtaining Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

When LegalNurse.com’s CLNC® Marketing Mentors exhibit with the VIP Pros at legal conferences, we stress nine strategies for obtaining legal nurse consultant jobs. Use these strategies when exhibiting at local, state and national conferences.

  1. Do Your Research
    Research the conference, the curriculum and the attorneys attending to understand the types of legal nurse consultant jobs that are in demand and their relationship to your nursing experience. Advance research prepares you to customize your unique selling position (USP) to the attorneys who will be coming through the exhibit hall.
  2. Keep Your Exhibit Space Tidy
    This is your home and attorneys will judge you by how neat you keep it. Keep food, sweaters, etc., out of sight. Reorganize the space when there is a lull in traffic.
  3. Promote Free Legal Nurse Consultant Services that Highlight Your Expertise
    Have gift certificates ready to fill out for free services (screening, research, etc.) attorneys can win for a legal nurse consultant job of their choice. Apply an expiration date for the free service to create a sense of urgency.Be flexible. If the attorney expresses an interest in a different service or does not seem interested in the service he won, allow him to choose another service.Write down which free service the attorney won for follow-up. Ask the attorney if he has a case in mind for the free service and use the case name for future follow-up.
  4. Distribute Branded Promotional Items from the CLNC Marketing Center
    Don’t leave promotional items or anything of value out on the table. The attorneys or family members may swoop them up in quantity. Only attorneys or relevant staff (not vendors) can win valuable prizes. Do not give away promotional items to uninterested attorneys.
  5. Get the Most Out of the Day
    Smile and make eye contact. Be visible. Stand to be more engaging. Do not sit. Have your business card, gift certificate, pen and notepad in hand. Be ready with conversation starters about relevant legal nurse consultant jobs such as: What’s the most challenging case you’re litigating? What’s been your favorite session so far? Collect the attorney’s business card or contact information for follow-up. Take notes on every attorney-prospect conversation for customized follow-up.
  6. Close the Sale
    Ask appropriate questions that get the attorney talking about medical issues you have special insight on. This is a good way to get into a meaty conversation with attorneys. Show your sample work product.Tie your USP into the conversation regarding relevant legal nurse consultant jobs.  Use the appropriate USP for the attorney and for the case. For example, don’t pitch “standards of care” to PI attorneys.If the attorney is interested in hiring you on a case, get the case name.If you’re willing to testify on legal nurse consultant jobs, tell the attorney as there is a large demand for testifying experts.
  7. Use Slower Traffic Productively
    During CLE sessions traffic will die down. This is common. You can make the most by networking with attorneys in other areas or taking a break or lunch if needed. Resist the temptation to spend too much time away from your booth. You could miss out on the most important attorney of the day.
  8. Make It Your Goal to Obtain an Attorney-Client for Life
    Exhibiting is all about getting quality leads and starting strong conversations that will lead to lasting and memorable relationships. Do not focus on quantity. One attorney can  become a client for life. Make every conversation count. Make the most of the leads you do get and plan for a strong follow-up on each one.
  9. Follow-up Expeditiously
    Follow-up ASAP. Some of the VIP Pros who exhibit with LegalNurse.com follow up the same evening they meet the attorney or the day they get back from the legal conference. Do not let more than one week pass before you follow up on leads you receive unless otherwise instructed by the attorney. Employ a customized follow-up by phone or email.Prioritize your leads according to which attorneys you would like to contact first. Honor all free services you give out. Tie the connection from notes of your conversation with the attorney in the follow-up.

Apply these nine exhibiting strategies at your next legal conference.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share your most successful exhibiting strategies.

One thought on “9 Exhibiting Strategies for Obtaining Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

  1. I have been seriously preparing for exhibiting. Thanks so much for your great input! I printed this blog so I can work off of it to get the most out of what you’re saying and I will be referring back to it frequently and practicing your suggestions before I go. Thanks again!

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