Subcontracting (Part 1): 5 Benefits of Leveraging the Expertise of Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Subcontractors

Many CLNC® consultants try to do everything themselves because they feel no one can provide the CLNC services and high quality work product to their attorney-clients the way they do. That’s what I thought when I first started my legal nurse consulting business and, it’s true. However, I quickly learned that if I hire the right CLNC subcontractor, that person might do some things better. I wouldn’t be where I am today without leveraging the time, energy, talents, knowledge and efforts of CLNC subcontractors who bring their unique expertise to my legal nurse consulting business.

There are 5 benefits of leveraging Certified Legal Nurse Consultant subcontractors for your CLNC business:

  1. CLNC subcontractors speak your language, so the quality of work product stays consistent. CLNC consultant Dale Barnes, RN, MSN, PHN, CLNC states: “It’s great that I can work with subcontractors who have been trained the way I have. I don’t have to start from scratch because they get it. We talk the same language. The benefit to me is quality work with mutual understanding. We are a team.” CLNC consultant Dorene Goldstein, RNC, BSN, CLNC adds “When I have asked non-Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to subcontract, they don’t understand the legal process and they are not as helpful.”
  2. You expand your CLNC business to cases outside your nursing specialty. There is nothing more satisfying than mentoring Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who are challenged by the demands that go with their having created successful CLNC businesses with lots of cases and lots of attorney-clients. From the beginning, you want to build a network of CLNC subcontractors who will help you offer a wider range of expertise to your attorney-clients. This is the smart way to increase your client list, caseload and revenue. The business becomes bigger than you and you can achieve your desired goals faster than you could on your own. Subcontracting also ensures that as you take on more cases in different specialties and add more attorney-clients that you will continue to bring accurate and cost-effective opinions to the table.CLNC Consultant Michelle Neal, RN, BSN, CLNC describes: Subcontracting allows me to take on more cases and expand my legal nurse consulting business. Having a core group of CLNC subcontractors with different nursing specialties expands my knowledge base and provides me the opportunity to consult on cases beyond my expertise.”
  3. You generate revenue beyond your own billable hours. You bill your attorney-client for each hour a CLNC subcontractor works at your own hourly rate. You then pay your subcontractors approximately 50% of your hourly fee netting you the difference. Now, instead of capping your legal nurse consultant salary at the number of hours you can work in a year, you increase your income exponentially. When you have multiple CLNC subcontractors working on cases at any given time you have a guaranteed stream of income that just might net you a well-deserved vacation. You’re also free to concentrate on those cases that demand your attention, prospect for new attorney-clients and concentrate on strategically growing your legal nurse consulting business.
  4. Certified Legal Nurse Consultant subcontractors expose you to different viewpoints and different ways of thinking. When you only work on cases yourself without subcontracting you stay in your own limited mindset. One strong subcontractor can propel a dramatic change in your thought process and possibly teach you a new or more efficient way to analyze cases. If you’re open to learning something from every CLNC subcontractor you work with, you’ll carry forward a wealth of knowledge and a tool kit of strategies for future cases.
  5. You enjoy more freedom, flexibility and time for yourself while someone else does the work. Time and brain power are your two major assets. You can’t control time and can only work so many hours a day no matter how energetic you are. Leverage the expertise of CLNC subcontractors and you’ll gain time for yourself, which is why you got into business for yourself in the first place. CLNC consultant Dorene Goldstein shares: “I know that I have a database of Certified Legal Nurse Consultant subcontractors available to me in just about every specialty and they know what their role is. Using qualified CLNC consultants gives me the benefit of working on multiple cases at a time without working 80 hrs a week!” CLNC consultant Michelle Neal adds: “It can be very overwhelming to have a growing list of pending cases to complete. Hiring CLNC subcontractors allows me to complete more cases at once, decrease the level of stress and bring in more revenue.”

Subcontracting is the smart way to manage and expand your CLNC business. If you haven’t started using legal nurse consultant subcontractors in your business it’s time to get started. As you enjoy these 5 benefits, while watching your legal nurse consulting salary grow, you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without them. Thanks to the CLNC Pros: Dale Barnes, Dorene Goldstein, Robert Malaer and Michelle Neal for sharing the benefits of subcontracting.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share how subcontracting with Certified Legal Nurse Consultants has helped you grow and manage your CLNC business.

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