Marathon Subcontracting for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Marathon Subcontracting for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Sunday was the Houston Marathon. I always joke that, “you couldn’t pay me to run a marathon.” But, there are people who get paid to do just that. Marathon running can seem like a lonely sport, but not all marathon runners run alone. They hire subcontractors (at least the ones who win enough races to be able to afford them)!

Legal Nurse Consultant Success Story

CLNC® Success Story: Jennifer Parks, RN, CLNC Shares How She Walks in CLNC Success

April 2008: I’m 35 weeks pregnant, as big as a house, and sitting in class to earn my CLNC credentials. I live in Las Vegas, a town famous for many reasons and litigation-happy. I figure I’ll get my CLNC business off the ground while I’m on leave from the emergency department. After all, I’m going to work from home while I raise my daughters, 22-months-old, and almost born. “I’ll read medical records while I nurse in the middle of the night,” I tell myself and even mean it. Jump ahead to August 2008 – I’m still on leave. Turns out, it’s tough to make calls with a colicky infant screaming in the background (or worse, the foreground) and even more difficult to leave the house to meet an attorney.

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