Lift Your Dreams Up in 2020

Lift Your Dreams Up in 2020

Dreams, like angels, can lift us up high above the world, taking us away from the daily grind. And that’s exactly what New Year’s resolutions are designed to help us do – lift us off the ground and guide us to a dream or goal.

But how often do you hear people say, “I gave up on resolutions years ago,” or “The last time I made a New Year’s resolution was when I was in 8th grade,” or “2 weeks into the New Year, those resolutions are blurrier than my thinking after that New Year’s hangover.” I’ve said all three. How about you?

Even without resolutions, we still have dreams. And oh how those dreams lift us up – for a while, until we let them get rusty with no intention and no action behind them. Those same dreams that once lifted us up now show up as failures, and make us so miserable that we’d welcome a strong New Year’s Day hangover as a relief.

Now, I confess I’m not much into resolutions. I’m not much into hangovers either. What I am into is making promises to my dreams – the promise to go for them all the way without any guarantee of success. So instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I make promises that are important enough and smart enough to keep (or break) all year long.

Make just one promise a year and you’re a different person that year and the next and the next. All you have to do is start with just one.

Take a moment to answer these five questions:

  • How do I want to show up in 2020?
  • Where do I see my CLNC® business next year?
  • If I earn 25% more income as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant how would that change my life?
  • If I gained 5 hours a week for myself, how would that change my life?
  • What do my attorney-clients look like in 3 years?

Or, you can ask your own questions that will fulfill your dreams, personal or professional. Writing them down is important.

Next, choose the question that you are most intuitively drawn to. Don’t analyze why you’re drawn to it. Just trust that you are and write an answer to your question. Now create one promise related to the question and the answer you chose. This question and its promise is calling you for a reason – give it a chance.

Finally, create a checklist of measurable, attainable actions you will take to live your promise for 2020 and start with the first one. Check in once a week with both your dreams (which can change) and your promise checklist to assess how you are doing. Keeping your promises will bring you close enough to your dreams to keep them lifted up. Give your dreams wings to fly and they’ll carry you to new heights – personally and professionally.

Honor yourself in 2020 by making and keeping the promises that are worthy of you and your dreams. 2020 is one year with 365 opportunities. Here’s to keeping your dreams lifted up high in 2020.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment and share your 2020 New Year’s resolutions.

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