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7 Processes You Must Systemize for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

In your RN job it’s easy to see that the hospitals with the best systems have a better shot at delivering optimal healthcare. Systemizing processes is as imperative for your legal nurse consulting business as it is for healthcare facilities. The goal is to surround yourself with a team of subcontractors, and ultimately employees, who can replicate you, or even implement tasks better than you.

Processes and the systems to handle them are your quality control. They are your tools to assess not only your own performance, but also that of your CLNC® subcontractors and employees. For example, while going over the LegalNurse.com Case Screening Form with your subcontractor, you might say, “You did not address causation or properly identify all of the potential defendants in this medical malpractice case.” or “When you went through your discovery checklist it was a good move to indicate that we should request the policies and procedures from the cardiac physiology lab.” In essence, your systems become your evaluation tools. Systems also provide your CLNC subcontractors the opportunity to preemptively assess their own performance, so that you don’t have to do it for them.

Systemizing processes saves you time, money, resources and frees you up for BIG things in your CLNC business. Investing time to set up systems saves you the headaches of reinventing the wheel with subcontractors and employees every day. To help you systemize, the Institute provides Certified Legal Nurse Consultants with resources, forms, samples and templates.

Use these CLNC resources to systemize 7 critical processes for your legal nurse consulting business:

  1. The case evaluation process – Use LegalNurse.com’s Case Screening Forms.
  2. The report-writing process – Use the Institute’s report-writing templates and Sample Medical-Related Case Reports.
  3. Business processes such as invoicing – Use the Institute’s Business Form Templates.
  4. Financial assessment of your CLNC business – Use a software program such as QuickBooks
  5. Medical-related research – Use the subject search form and research recommendations in the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook.
  6. CLNC subcontracting process – Use the templates in the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting  textbook and the Institute’s Model Contracts.
  7. Marketing strategiesSystemize and scale up the marketing strategies that reap the strongest return on investment (ROI). Use the CLNC Marketing Center to brand your promotional package and promotional items.

You can systemize any and every process. What else will you systemize to make your legal nurse consulting business easier, more efficient and less stressful in 2016?

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment here to share the systems you put in place in your legal nurse consulting business.

One thought on “7 Processes You Must Systemize for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

  1. It pays to use this system you have here. Some of these items are available and in my files as hardcopy and softcopy ready to go (e-files).
    Another system I use is a tool I made up for calling lists and mailings for marketing. Good to have it when I get a call from an attorney who needs my services, I know who they are and where they are located, good to know when they are out of state.

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