10 Habits Guaranteed to Hinder Legal Nurse Consulting Success

10 Habits Guaranteed to Hinder Legal Nurse Consulting Success

We all know the habits that help to make us successful, but what about the ones that can cause us to fail? The most successful CLNC® consultants are adept at kicking these 10 habits which interfere with impactful legal nurse consulting results.

  1. Having a shortage of confidence – Without confidence, you won’t even put yourself in front of attorneys. Successful legal nurse consultants know you can’t sit at home and wait for the phone to ring. They go out and make it ring.
  2. Being a people-pleaser – You desire and strive to please everyone, even those who secretly don’t want you to succeed – all at the cost of pleasing yourself. Please yourself first and you’ll be able to bring others around to your side. And if you don’t bring others to your side, you’ll be totally okay with that fact.
  3. Saying Yes by default – You let people pull you in every direction, helping them live their dreams while you selflessly sacrifice your own. Stand up tall, say No and mean it. Then say Yes to what you want and need for yourself, your attorney-clients and your legal nurse consulting business.
  4. Procrastinating – The start is what stops you most of the time. You can’t get started if you don’t get started. What are you waiting for?
  5. Staying unorganized – You convince yourself that you thrive in chaos, but your attorney-clients know better. Chaos is exciting in the ED or ICU, but in the real world we systemize things in order to painlessly reproduce success over and over again.
  6. Perfecting perfectionism – You demand perfection, robbing yourself of the joy of being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (and inevitably delaying delivery of your work product). Sometimes “good enough” is actually better than “Wait for it, it’s coming, really, I’m just fine-tuning the tenth draft.”
  7. Obsessing over… does it really matter? – You obsess over situations, people, challenges and things you have no control over, all to the point of distraction from your core legal nurse consulting business. Stop obsessing and start creating. Move from inaction to action and you won’t have time to obsess.
  8. Addiction to feel-good addictions – You find yourself compulsively checking Facebook®, Instagram® and your Twitter® feed every 10 minutes just in case you might miss a recipe, fake news-byte or an IMPORTANT SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE (like a wedding dance or cute cat video). Get off the Internet and into life – it’s much more rewarding and trust me, you won’t miss a thing.
  9. Fearing (or dreading) the unknown – You settle for the known and established status quo, even if it’s what’s making you miserable. The devil you know isn’t really better than the devil you don’t. Trust me, the future is brighter on the other side. Step out today and step towards success. Yes, bad things can happen when we step out, but I believe worse things happen to our souls when we don’t.
  10. Quitting because you can – You’re easily discouraged and find it easier to quit than to forge ahead believing No from one attorney is simply a precursor to No from the other 1,819,133 attorneys in the U.S. You may be more comfortable with failure than you are with success, but success is a whole lot more fun. Give success a try and see how it feels. And remember, No is just No.

Are any of these habits, thought processes or mindsets hindering your legal nurse consulting success? If yes, what will you do to change them?

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share which of these 10 habits you’re ready to kick to achieve more legal nurse consulting success.

2 thoughts on “10 Habits Guaranteed to Hinder Legal Nurse Consulting Success

  1. Thank you, Vickie. I completed my first-ever deposition yesterday and this morning I am of course over- obsessing, analyzing and doubting myself… then I turn to my computer and BAM! – here are your words of wisdom that once again have given me inspiration and reminded me of who I am! These habits are now printing to hang over my desk as a reminder. Thank you and please keep up the inspiration for our times in need!

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