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Thoughts for Success: 95% of Success Is Consistently Repeating What Already Works

I’m an entrepreneur, so I naturally like to create new things. But, any successful entrepreneur knows that 95% of legal nurse consulting success is consistently repeating what already works. So as much as I like to create, I have to tame that urge and, like you, focus on implementing the basics day after day after day (even though that can occasionally get boring).

Vickie Milazzo’s Thoughts for Success on Achieving Success By Repeating What Works

Successful CLNC® consultants never reinvent the wheel. Develop a plan to institute the basic strategies that are working and repeat that plan and those basics every day as long as positive results keep coming. Next, tweak each working strategy for improved results.

Once you’ve systemized and mastered the strategies that are working, it’s time to implement and test a new strategy and repeat the process above.

Each and every strategy you implement for your CLNC business should produce positive results. Eliminate any strategy that isn’t giving you the expected results and put your time, energy and money into the strategies that perform best.

95% of your legal nurse consulting success is consistently repeating what works – not what doesn’t. So get started on the strategies that work.

Success Is Yours!

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