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Thoughts for Success: If You’re Not Your Own Critic, Someone Else Will Be

The business of being a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is hard so I’m always striving to make managing the business as easy as possible. How? By critiquing my own work and expecting my staff here at LegalNurse.com to critique theirs too.

Thoughts for Success: If You’re Not Your Own Critic, Someone Else Will Be

If you want to avoid putting a nasty scowl on your attorney-client’s face, critique every aspect of your medical-related case report as though it’s your last. Producing poor legal nurse consulting work-product from sheer inattention can cost you a lucrative attorney-client relationship.

None of us like to be criticized. So why invite it? Critique your own work. There’s nothing hard about doing something right the first time. The hard work usually comes when you have to repair the damage. Critique your own work as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant so the attorney won’t have to.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share whether you’re your own best critic.


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