5 Ways to Turn Attorney Referrals into Cases for Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

Referral is by far the best and fastest way to gain new attorney-clients and more cases for your legal nurse consulting business. Referral works because it provides instant credibility. Attorneys trust the opinions of their respected attorney colleagues. Referrals are beloved by Certified Legal Nurse Consultants because they not only work – they’re free. If you’re ready to ramp up referrals from attorneys apply these 5 steps.

  1. Point out that you prefer doing business by referral and communicate that preference to both attorney-prospects and attorney-clients. People like to feel singled out as special. If your company “only works with attorneys who are referred,” then each attorney you consult with feels like part of a select group. You can even continue this exclusivity to attorney-prospects who respond to your marketing strategies such as exhibiting or direct mail. Establish your ‘referral only’ rule with attorney-prospects in a way that aligns you with the attorney. “I’m sure your clients come mostly from referrals, too.” Most attorneys will acknowledge your preference and feel special when you indicate you are making an exception due to expanding your business into new areas (of town, specialty or whatever). However you choose to say it, convey that you prefer consulting with referred clients.
  2. After you have completed a case assignment and your attorney-client has nothing but glowing comments, that is the moment to ask for a referral. “As you recall, I work only with referred clients. I’d be honored to work with a few of your colleagues. Which of them could also benefit from my CLNC® services?” Ideally, the referring attorney will call ahead and smooth the way for you.
  3. Spring into action and contact the newly referred attorney-prospect immediately. Mention the attorney who referred you – this will get you past the gatekeeper.
  4. Quickly let the attorney-prospect know you qualify your attorney-clients just as attorneys would qualify you. You want to communicate you are in demand. You want to impress the attorney that you are not available tomorrow. Here is an example of exclusivity message: “I have room to take a new qualified client. Attorney Smith advised that we are a perfect match for each other because my expertise matches the cases you handle.”
  5. Whatever the outcome, call, write or email the original attorney who gave you the referral. Share a quick update and say thank you. Retie the connection again by sending the referring attorney a thank-you gift. Personalize the gift to make it something the attorney really likes. Perhaps a coffee shop gift card tucked in a CLNC mug or another CLNC promotional item they would use at their desk.

Systemize this 5-step referral process and soon referral will be your favorite marketing strategy.

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P.S. Comment and share how you’ve turned attorney referrals into cases for your legal nurse consulting business.

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