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I’m at the American Association for Justice Convention in Baltimore promoting Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to trial attorneys from all over the U.S.

Attorneys know time equals money. Whether it’s an insurance defense attorney counting billable hours or a plaintiff attorney spending time on a medical-malpractice case, their time is precious. Add in a crazy busy schedule and long days and you’ll find that when attorneys finally get to read, they need to ingest their information quickly and feel confident the source is accurate and reliable.

With that in mind – here’s a list of some websites and blogs popular with both plaintiff and defense attorneys for medical-related cases:

  1. Drug Injury Watch published by Tom Lamb, a North Carolina attorney – This site has a wealth of information and links. It’s for any attorney or Certified Legal Nurse Consultant interested in pharmaceutical-related cases.
  2. Drug and Device Law written by Jim Beck – This blog speaks to topics arising in the defense of medical device and pharmaceutical products liability cases. There’s a wealth of information buried in the side-bars on a multitude of topics.
  3. Health Care Renewal sponsored by FIRM (Foundation for Integrity and Responsibility in Medicine) – This blog addresses threats to healthcare’s core values, and advocates accountability and ethics. While not primarily legal in nature, it openly and honestly talks about healthcare issues including those created by the EMR/EHR and issues facing individual medical centers (by name). It contains a wealth of inside information for plaintiff attorneys.
  4. U.S. Food and Drug Administration is not a legal site but one that provides information on recalls, warnings and a wealth of information on food, drugs, medical devices, vaccines and other health-related products. The RSS feeds from this site are popular with attorneys and CLNC® consultants no matter what side of the medical-related case they’re on.
  5. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog – Attorneys love the WSJ and the WSJ blog covers civil litigation (like the Subway “Footlong” suit), intellectual property, technology and more, all in the particular style that WSJ readers respond to. The medical-related case coverage is light, but the information in the blog isn’t.
  6. The MacLawyer written by Ben Stevens – This is an easy to read and very persuasive blog about making the best use of Mac products in the courtroom. Any attorney or Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who’s a Mac user will find all sorts of useful tips on apps, hardware and generally how to get the most out of their Apple products. He also makes a persuasive case for using Macs in law offices (the horror). Check it out!

That’s a quick list of what attorneys read online. If you have any additional recommendations based on what your attorney-clients recommend, please post them as comments.

Until tomorrow, I’m just readin’

P.S. Comment and share your attorney-clients’ favorite websites here.

4 thoughts on “What Attorneys Are Reading Online

  1. Vickie, thank you for posting this information! Your sharing of valuable information is greatly appreciated!

  2. I love all the information you share. I remember a Christian speaker telling a group that if you want to be successful and the best you can be, you don’t hang with those that are struggling – you look for those that are successful and have achieved their goals, then you watch what they are doing and pattern yourself after them. That’s what I am doing, savoring the knowledge and trying to absorb what you have learned and share with us. Thank you so much!

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