Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – Check Your Biases at the Door

Every medical-related case you analyze as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant holds a truth of the facts – i.e., exactly what transpired. Yet we weren’t there, so there is something standing between that truth and the outcome of the case whether it settles or goes to trial. That something is perception. Perception is not truth, it is interpretation.

Before you even concern yourself with how the jury is going to react to the case, you have to monitor your own perceptions to ensure they don’t distort the truth of your interpretations. Distort the truth and you distort the advice you give your attorney-clients. Everything that follows – positions, themes, strategies, decisions – is then distorted too and the truth retreats into the undiscovered distance.

Check yourself and your biases at the CLNC® door and you’ll have a better shot at getting to the truth and justice of the case.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share how you check your biases and control your perception.

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