Tom’s Tech Tip: When the Weather’s Cool – It’s Time for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to Get Cooler

Computer cables are pretty much all the same – black or white and sometimes shades of gray (but not 50). They’re functional, but not cool. If you’ve got a future CLNC® consultant in college or high school who has a birthday coming up – here’s the ideal gift: bungee-style USB cables that will work with any USB device – whether it’s an iPad®, iPod®, Android® or other USB device. They come in varying colors, styles and every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant will agree they are a terrific upgrade from that plain white Apple® cable.

Tom's Tech Tip: When the Weather's Cool - It's Time for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants to Get Cooler

These are the ultimate in fashion coolness and will firmly establish your street-cred with your tweens, high-schoolers and/or college-agers. Plus, they make a fashion statement (especially if you’re the only one using them).

Keep on Techin’,


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