Tom’s Tech Tip: Do Something Special for Your Spouse – Today (or for Valentine’s Day)!

After 23 years of marriage it’s more challenging to come up with something special for my spouse. By special I mean that wow experience – the one that takes her breath away and gets me one or two husband points. Special is going above and beyond fixing the display on her dual monitors, debugging her Outlook installation or setting up a darknet so she can communicate with other CEOs about issues and topics well above my pay grade.

How Do You Derive Your Opinions as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

I’ve always been opinionated and I caught on fast that an RN job inside a hospital was no place for this mouthy, opinionated, New Orleans gal. Opinions helped me birth my legal nurse consulting business, grow the business and thrive in a business that I still love and enjoy 32 years later.

Just Surviving as an RN Ain’t Going to Cut It

When I worked at my RN jobs in hospitals I got my hand slapped more than a few times. These incidents had nothing to do with breaching the standard of care or doing my nursing job. Instead, I was slapped down for being too mouthy and opinionated about patient rights and about doing the right thing for my patients. I felt like one of those moles in a whack-a-mole game. Every time I stuck my head up for a patient – you guessed it.

How to Trans form Confidence into Dollars

How to Transform Confidence into Dollars

I am privileged to meet registered nurses from all over the U.S. when I teach the CLNC® Certification Seminar. I am both intrigued and dismayed when I meet that one RN who has no confidence in herself, especially in contrast to the RNs who already see themselves as successful.

CLNC Success Story: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Educate Personal Injury Attorneys!

CLNC® Success Story: Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Educate Personal Injury Attorneys!

While the classic marketing strategies for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants – networking, referral and exhibiting are some of my favorites. I have another personal favorite – presentations to attorneys. Presentations generate a captive audience and instant credibility with that audience, yet this inexpensive and effective marketing strategy is underutilized by CLNC® consultants. I am thrilled to share that two savvy Certified Legal Nurse Consultants, Jan Lowery-Hutchinson, RN, CLNC and Cathy Cassandra, RN, MS, CLNC have joined together to teach a seminar for personal injury attorneys on the neuromuscular system and the effects of different types of injuries on that system.

Tom's Tech Tips

Tom’s Tech Tip: Zen and the Art of Safe Emailing

In the good old days, if a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant wanted to send a business communication to an attorney-client, they had to address an envelope, physically place their work-product into that envelope and surrender that same envelope to a delivery service such as a courier, the U.S. Postal Service or FedEx. There was plenty of time to complete the draft of that correspondence and make sure it was not only complete, but also perfectly composed before it was sent to the patiently waiting recipient.

The Secret to Getting Attorneys to Open Your Mail

The Secret to Getting Attorneys to Open Your Mail

When was the last time you received a handwritten notecard in the mail? It’s been a while I bet. Email and texting have become acceptable as a format for saying thanks and even introducing yourself as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.

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