Always Dress for CLNC® Success (Even If You’re Just Getting the Mail)

Our more casual attire doesn’t always set us up strategically for spontaneously meeting attorney-prospects. Professional Certified Legal Nurse Consultants know there’s such a thing as comfortable, too comfortable and way too comfortable, and they dress accordingly anytime they step out the door.

But all Certified Legal Nurse Consultants can reasonably expect to dress comfortably at home. I know CLNC consultants who claim to work in their pajamas. While that’s never been my style (and who wears pajamas anyway? LOL!), my Lululemon gets more wear and tear when I work in my home office than it does in the gym.

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Debra Good-Zeiner, RN, MSN, CLNC reminds us that even our homes aren’t safe havens for an “anything goes” dress code.

“If your CLNC business is at home, beware of uninvited guests. One day after a particularly stressful meeting, I returned home around 5:30pm and decided to slip into my cozy flannel PJs, my terrycloth robe and my ultra-warm Uggs. My husband and I were sitting at the kitchen table when a car pulled into our driveway. He asked, “Are you expecting anyone?” As I answered “No,” I saw a well-dressed man with a package in his hands get out of the car and, to my horror, I recognized him as one of my attorney-clients. I stood in the kitchen, frozen in terror and through my large curtain-less kitchen window watched him approach the door. By the time the attorney rang the doorbell, I was desperately trying to hide in the refrigerator. My quick-thinking husband went straight to the door, retrieved the package and covered for me. Later that evening I discovered an email from the attorney telling me he’d be delivering some medical records to me on his way home from the office. This brought new meaning to the old phrase “dress for success!”

Debra Good-Zeiner, RN, MSN, CLNC

I’ve never “given it up” to an attorney (other than Tom that is), but I did once give it up to the gardener. To my chagrin, our landscaping fees increased shortly afterwards, although I had optimistically informed Tom we might get a discount.

There’s really only two lessons from today’s blog: Stay up with your email and wear your Lululemon (or at least your robe) when working at home.

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share your most embarrassing dress for success (or not) moment.

2 thoughts on “Always Dress for CLNC® Success (Even If You’re Just Getting the Mail)

  1. Years ago, during one of my attempts to break away from the hospital and work in another sector (before I became a CLNC® consultant), I had an important interview. I got my children off to school and my husband off to work. I looked and felt ready to impress! It was a rainy South Texas day. As I opened the door to leave, I reached for an umbrella from the cute container I had sitting by the door. Much to my horror everyone grabbed an umbrella as they left the house. All that was left was my daughter’s little pink Sea World umbrella with a ruffle and a broken spoke. I managed to compose myself and head off with my little pink umbrella…praying all the way for the rain to stop! It did and my dignity remained intact. Now I have enough black umbrellas for three women! At least one is nearby at all times, rain or shine! The moral of this story is to not forget to accessorize for success too!

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