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Thoughts for Success: Promises to Make to Yourself

Promise #1 reminds us that we don’t have two-compartment lives – an RN life and a personal life. We only have one life. You can’t turn passion off at your RN job and go home and turn it on again – you just can’t.


Passion is one of the reasons I’m still going strong in my legal nurse consulting business after 32 years. I wish you the joy and fulfillment of passion!

I’m Just Sayin’

P.S. Comment and share what fills you with passion.

One thought on “Thoughts for Success: Promises to Make to Yourself

  1. Vickie I have a passion for animals and digging in dirt. I also have a passion to acquire my CLNC® certification ASAP! Since I was at your free introduction to legal nurse consulting seminar in San Antonio my innermost being is leading forward to you. I probably will see you in Houston in June 2014 subsequently working passionately with my Online CLNC® Certification Program as soon I as I receive it. Looking forward to meeting you in Houston. Lynette Hoffman

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