Make These 5 Promises to Unleash Your Legal Nurse Consulting Dreams

Make These 5 Promises to Unleash Your Legal Nurse Consulting Dreams

What would your life look like if every moment of it was absolutely enriched, fulfilled and swelling with joy? Think about it - your health, relationships, career, spirituality and finances are the best they can be and you greet each day with energy and enthusiasm for whatever comes your way. What would accomplish that?

Off with Their Heads

When I was working at the hospital as an ICU nurse, "Dilbert" would have been my best friend. I was young, in my 20s and too smart for my own good. With the exception of one supervisor who would stand with us at the bedside when we were understaffed, I thought all hospitals supervisors and administrators were stupid or misinformed (or both). What did they know about the real world and the front lines of patient care? I'm not sure where I thought they worked for their first nursing job, but I was convinced none of them had ever started an IV or coded any patients other than a rubber training dummy. Maybe they dropped out of the sky into their desk chairs - or came prepackaged like an action figure.
Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Take Your Gmail Email Offline to Work It When You Want It

One of the chief complaints I hear from legal nurse consultants about Gmail is that unlike Outlook, Thunderbird or other email clients, you have to be online to access or work with your Gmail email. If you're a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who wants to use your Gmail without the Internet (like when you're on an airplane or in some inferior coffee shop that doesn't have free Wi-Fi), follow these steps:

The CLNC® Pros Share 8 Things You Should Be Doing Differently to Launch Your Legal Nurse Consulting Business

I asked our CLNC Pros to share what they would have done differently when launching their CLNC business. They are all successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants today. Pay attention to what they have to say and your legal nurse consulting success is guaranteed to come easier.

What Do Over 650 Million Chinese Women Have in Common with You?

Here's some fun news. I just received four new copies of Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didn't Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now, my Wall Street Journal bestselling book and here's the best part: these books are written in Chinese! You may know that there are seven traditional Chinese languages and myriad dialects within those languages. But did you know that all Chinese share the same written language? This means that the power of Inside Every Woman is now accessible to more than 650 million women in China and Tom says it wouldn't hurt the men to read it either! I'm excited it already has 5-star reviews.
Keep Your Legal Nurse Consulting Reports Real

Keep Your Legal Nurse Consulting Reports Real

When you’re writing reports for your attorney-clients’ medical-related cases, one of the most important principles, no matter the size or type of report, is that if you provide theory, you are sure to provide application also. In other words, the theory must not only relate to the case, but you must explain the actual application of the theory to the case at hand. Theory alone is not enough. Keeping your reports based in the “real world” will make the real attorneys you consult with really appreciate you and your legal nurse consulting reports.
Tom’s Tech Tips

Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Legal Nurse Consultant Windows Users Find Remedy for Mac Envy!

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants using Windows XP have long envied that cool rotating menu the Mac OS X Dock has, that floats around the bottom or top of the Mac screen and fans out your icons. It’s a much better looking menu than that darn Windows menu that pops up when you click the Start Button It also beats stashing short-cuts all over your Windows Desktop.

Experience Isn’t All It’s Chalked Up to Be

I just mentored a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant who had completed a project for an attorney. She had not entered into a contract or letter agreement and did not get a retainer before starting the project. After completing the project she had difficulty getting paid for the work she'd done. When she contacted the Institute for mentoring, I asked her to describe her plan for solving this challenge. Her response was, "I guess I'll just chalk one this up to experience." That was exactly the WRONG THING TO SAY to me. I was all over that like a goose on a bug.