What Migratory Path is Your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Business On?

What Migratory Path is Your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Business On?

I’ve just returned from what Tom and I call our Great Christmas Migration. Every year over Christmas and New Year’s we crisscross the country visiting family and friends, and then we close out the year with renewal time for just the two of us. On one flight, after putting away our electronics and during the landing pattern, I was catching up on my reading. I was struck by an article on the Great Migrations in the November, 2010 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The article spoke to the way migrating animals become so focused on their mission that they pass up the opportunity to eat. It mentioned one of my least favorite birds, the Arctic Tern. Remembering being attacked by them in Iceland, I talk about them in the video below.

Now, unlike those birds, I’m not one to pass up a meal, but I strongly believe that there are times when we must place ourselves in a state of discomfort in order to reach the next level. As we start 2011, I’m asking myself, “What must I give up or do to take my business to the next level”? Now that we’re no longer worried about our New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to ask yourself “What am I willing to do to take my business as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant to the next level”?

Success Is Inside!

P.S. Comment and share what you must give up or do to take your CLNC® business to the next level.

2 thoughts on “What Migratory Path is Your Certified Legal Nurse Consulting Business On?

  1. Hi Vickie.
    So glad you enjoyed your “Christmas Migration.” I certainly hope it was not too painful 🙂

    I like what you shared. I think I am going to have to “give up some food” so that I can advertise more. Won’t be too uncomfortable as I could benefit from the weight loss! Recently two of my subcontractors and I pooled our resources to advertise in a national legal periodical. I think this is an awesome idea, don’t you? We are helping each other to be successful Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. I think in this day in time we need to help one another as much as possible and pooling our resources is one of those ways to help each other.

    I know this may be off the subject, but what do you think when it comes to advertising… putting all my eggs in one basket and doing it up big or spreading the advertising budget out and trying multiple types of advertising?

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Paule,

    Advertising is always a great way to market your CLNC® business and it’s great to help other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants but be sure you have all discussed and agree on how you will divide any contacts that come in from the ad to avoid conflict among yourselves.

    When you market your CLNC® business using ads, we recommend you advertise in legal publications that target the attorney market. You can place an ad in a local or state bar journal or any type of legal publication. Two of my favorite publications are Trial and Lawyers USA. Whether you spread it out over multiple ads or purchase one large ad, consider your budget and the following strategies to assure your ad is the strongest possible investment:
    • Research the different legal publications with whom you are considering doing business with, looking at location of ad, advertising rates, circulation, targeted audience, requirements, deadlines, etc.
    • Calculate the return on investment that you will require to continue.
    • Obtain rates/costs/bids from professional designer and professional writers to assist with creating your ad.

    Your ad should:
    • Focus on the benefit to attorney-prospects.
    • Incorporate your USP and why the attorney should hire you.
    • Include a call to action.
    • Be sure the ad reaches your target market.
    • Be committed to repeat advertising to get the best results.

    Based on the information you’ve gathered you will be able to determine the advertising strategy you would like to implement, e.g. one large ad or multiple ads.

    Make sure you have a thorough marketing plan that includes other strategies such as exhibiting, speaking to law firms, direct mail, networking, referrals, etc. To further develop the strategies in your marketing plan be sure to refer to the module on “Developing a Marketing Strategy” in the Core Curriculum for Legal Nurse Consulting® textbook and the CLNC® Certification Program. If you have completed the NACLNC® Apprenticeship, refer to “Marketing Apprenticeship for the Certified Legal Nurse Consultant.”

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