Does Reading Twilight Make You a Smarter Legal Nurse Consultant Than Not Reading Twilight?

I just finished Eclipse, the third book in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. My sister, Karen gave me the first book and got me started on the 4-part series. Reading Meyer's books is like eating a bag of salty, hot, buttered (real butter) popcorn - once you start, you can't put them down and often consume more than you should.
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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: iGoogle™, You Google, We All Google to Improve Our Legal Nurse Consulting Business

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, do you use Google to search on a regular (or exclusive) basis? If you're like me, you're tired of seeing only 10 results per page. You know, scan the page, click next on the Gooooooooooogle link and then see the next 10 links, repeat – next 10, repeat – next 10, repeat – ad nauseum.
Are You the Eiffel Tower of Legal Nurse Consulting?

Are You the Eiffel Tower of Legal Nurse Consulting?

I'm sitting in Paris in one of my favorite bistros. I've just finished a lunch of healthy red wine, a hot baguette and some luscious stinky cheese such as you can only find in France. I'm looking at the first thing that usually comes to mind (well, maybe the second thing) when you think of Paris – the Eiffel Tower. Tom says he thinks of pomme frites and just having indulged, I'd say pomme frites are right up there for me too, but the "Tour Eiffel" is the instantly identifiable iconic image, which undeniably brings Paris to mind.

Attention Certified Legal Nurse Consultants: the National Quality Forum Rejects CT Scan for Stroke Patients

Every Certified Legal Nurse Consultant knows that after a patient has a stroke, the care they receive in the first 3-4 hours is the most crucial. The type of stroke influences the treatment so proper recognition and diagnosis are essential. Despite this knowledge, the National Quality Forum (NQF) recently rejected a proposed guideline that would have called for a CT scan within 45 minutes of a patient presenting to the ED. Why is this important? The NQF sets the medical guidelines that are used by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to evaluate (and reimburse) hospitals. So, with no reimbursement, the likelihood of a patient getting a CT scan drops pretty dramatically.

Something’s Rotten in China and in the U.S. – It’s Chinese Drywall

Homes across the U.S. are smelling like rotten eggs. There's actually a deeper reason than a teenage boy's socks. Depending upon the age and location of the home it may contain defective drywall. We're all aware of the environmental problems and issues associated with China and its pollution, chemical spills and lead paint in children's toys. But there are other ways that defective products can get into a home. One of which includes building or repairing the home with defective products (and the watchdog in this case is not the FDA)!
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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Microsoft® Automatic Updates – Take ’em or Leave ’em for Your Legal Nurse Business?

Any legal nurse consultant who owns a computer running the wonderful Windows operating system (OS), has, at some point been faced with the little pop-up that tells you something to the effect that "high-priority updates are available for your computer, would you like to download and install them now?" My answer is a whole-heartedly qualified "Yes! I sure would in certain situations."
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Tom’s Tuesday Tech Tip: Internet Explorer 8 – Must Have or Must Have-Not for Legal Nurse Consultants?

From the beginning - let me disclose a conflict of interest, I'm a Firefox user. I've flirted with Apple's Safari but find it is too slow to render its pages, and it's got the worst search function ever designed for looking for text on a web page (although it does tell you how many matches there are on a page). I've customized my Firefox browser to include my favorite blogs, news and RSS feeds and, even though it's a little slow to open the first time you fire it up each day, I love the fact that I'm tuned in to the world every time I jump on the Net. It's great the way I can do tabbed browsing, with a simple right-click opening pages from my Yahoo! searches in a new tab so I'm not clicking forward and back to get to my search results after a page pans out. It's also cool to be able to look up forgotten passwords for websites that deleted my "cookies."