6 Advertising Principles and 6 Action Steps to Obtain Your Next Legal Nurse Consultant Job

5 Advertising Principles and 6 Action Steps to Obtain Your Next Legal Nurse Consultant Job

One marketing strategy Certified Legal Nurse Consultants use to obtain legal nurse consultant jobs is to advertise in legal journals. Use these 5 advertising principles and 6 action steps to obtain your next legal nurse consultant job.

Advertising Principles

  1. Choose a publication that reaches your target market. You can place an ad in a local, state or national legal publication. One of my favorite national publications is Trial.
  2. Write a powerful headline. Headlines are the first part of the ad attorneys read. If you don’t grab the attorney’s attention with the headline the odds of him reading the rest of the ad are slim. Test different headlines to obtain your best result.
  3. Incorporate your unique selling position (USP) and why the attorney should hire you. Focus on the benefit to the attorney. While the ad visual is important, it helps to remember that content is king.
  4. Include a call to action, e.g. “Call today for a free case screening.”
  5. Be committed to repeat advertising to get the best results. A minimum of three ad placements is recommended.

Advertising Action Steps

  1. Contact the publication and research targeted audience, ad requirements, rates, location of ad, circulation and deadlines.
  2. Calculate the return on the investment (ROI) you require to continue or expand the advertising strategy.
  3. Write and design the relevant advertising piece. Consider hiring a professional designer, especially if you will be using the same ad numerous times. The cost of the designer will more than pay for itself with the effectiveness of a properly designed ad.
  4. Submit the ad on time.
  5. Test different ad features to obtain your best result.
  6. Calculate the ROI and determine the next step in implementing your advertising strategies.

If you’re ready for your next legal nurse consultant job employ these five advertising strategies and six action steps today.

Success Is Yours,

P.S. Comment here and share the unique advertising strategies you use to obtain legal nurse consultant jobs.

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