Summer Chills for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Here we are in the heat of July. While I wait for the Texas summer to pass I thought I’d tell you a quick winter tale to cool you down. We don’t get many hard freezes here in Houston and when the weather does turn cold, the outdoor parts of the city quickly turn into a ghost town.

Waking up early on a Sunday I was dismayed to see that the temperature was hovering in the mid 20s and not expected to get much warmer. Tom immediately said “Let’s go to the Houston Zoo and see your boyfriends,” which is what he calls the zoo’s gorilla family – one of my favorite animals. Now, I know that for those legal nurse consultants who live in the north, 23 degrees in January might call for shorts and flip-flops but here in the south most people were sheltering in place.

As much as I looked forward to touching base with my favorite silverbacks I expressed that it might be too cold to go walking. Tom laughed and reminded me that from our travels to the Arctic, Antarctic and Himalayas I have a collection of warmer (and lighter) gear than Sir Edmund Hillary did when he summited Mount Everest. Tom said “Surely you can put on some warm clothes and go see your boyfriends.”

Grudgingly I consented and started pulling out my winter gear. Soon I was dressed and we were the first people in line for the zoo that morning. The zookeepers were probably thinking we should have been residents, not visitors. As we walked around the zoo it was fun to see how the animals responded to the low temperatures. Some, like the jaguar, were highly active, romping about while others, like the tiny meerkats, were peering warily out of their burrows seriously questioning the need to go outside (like I had). It was fun having the zoo to ourselves as even the omnipresent employees and volunteers seemed to have disappeared.

Having the proper gear (and the experience) gave us the freedom and ability to enjoy the weather in a way that less properly prepared Houstonians couldn’t.

That’s what LegalNurse.com’s legal nurse consulting training program is like. When I train you as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I’m giving you the skills and training you need to get out there and enjoy a success that others cannot. I won’t be able to train you (or me LOL) to climb Mount Everest, but we can prepare you to do something as simple as starting a legal nurse consulting business. All you have to do is be willing to stop sheltering in place and take that bold first step.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Here’s the funniest thing about that frigid morning – when we finally got to the gorilla enclosure there were no gorillas to be found! We asked a zookeeper and she told us that they keep these heavily furred animals inside during cold weather. I did go into the gorilla house to say hello though and wondered who was smarter, the warm and toasty gorillas having breakfast or us wandering around in the cold.

P.P.S. Comment and share whether or not you have the proper gear for all weather and the proper preparation for becoming a legal nurse consultant.

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