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Thoughts for Success: The Truth Always Stands Up to Lies

I was blessed to have parents who were very open. I could talk to them about pretty much any subject and not feel weird or uncomfortable. We talked about sex, religion and politics and didn’t kill each other over the different opinions we held steadfast to.

Thoughts for Success: The Truth Always Stands Up to Lies

As open as we were, one thing that was never tolerated in my family was dishonesty and lying. That’s a core value I grew up with and one I’ve embraced my entire life – in both my personal life and in my legal nurse consulting business.

Whether it’s a subcontractor, attorney-client or vendor, dishonesty is a deal breaker for me. I’ve gracefully severed a relationship with an attorney because I felt he was not ethical and I’ve ended relationships with subcontractors who have lied to me. Even after 36 years in business I still have competitors making up interesting fiction about me. Competitors who lie about me are trying to create fear in you. You’d think they would’ve given up long ago. LOL!

Know this – the truth always stands up to attempted distortions and lies. This is the one truth I know and live by.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share whether you agree or disagree that the truth always stands up to lies.

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