7 Strategies for Increasing Your Engagement in Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

7 Strategies for Increasing Your Engagement in Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

You want to make it your goal as a CLNC® consultant to be involved in every legal nurse consultant job from beginning to end. If the attorney does not fully engage you in a meaningful and intense way the probability of the attorney associating you with the outcome will be low. The result – fewer legal nurse consultant jobs in the future.

Use these 7 strategies for increasing your engagement in legal nurse consultant jobs:

  1. Keep the communication lines open. Your attorney-clients don’t wake up thinking about you. It’s your job to retie the connection regularly so the attorney is thinking about how you can advance a legal nurse consultant job.
  2. Prove your relevancy. Provide relevant and stellar work product and communicate with the precision of a brain surgeon. When you’re consistently relevant in your involvement the attorney will trust that you’ll be relevant when you recommend a new CLNC service.
  3. Communicate specifically. Make no assumptions – the attorney doesn’t always know what you can do. While you don’t want to bombard the attorney all at once with the 30 CLNC services you can provide, you do want to always be adding a new service to your legal nurse consultant jobs.
  4. Highlight what the attorney is missing. Share a CLNC service you execute for other attorney-clients so the attorney will wonder what she’s missing. Knowing you’ve implemented this specific CLNC service for another attorney will get your current attorney-client thinking about how she can benefit too.
  5. Show the attorney what you can do. Showing is better than telling. If the attorney’s not yet buying into a new service, do it anyway. For example, give the attorney-client 10 sample deposition questions that she is unlikely to think of on her own. While that attorney is the expert on the deposition process, you know more about what goes on in the real world of healthcare. You’ll think of questions the attorney won’t even imagine because the attorney’s never been inside the ED, OR, ICU, psych unit, LTC… like you have.
  6. Obtain feedback. Obtaining feedback ensures that you’re delivering legal nurse consulting work product that meets the attorney’s satisfaction. Verbal feedback from the attorney is acknowledgement of your engagement, relevancy and importance. You can then use this acknowledgement when collaborating on future legal nurse consultant jobs with that same attorney-client.
  7. Incorporate the new CLNC service into future legal nurse consultant jobs. If you’re successful in conveying the relevancy of a new CLNC service to a current legal nurse consultant job you’ll want to use that success in future cases. Recommend that service on new cases and remind the attorney-client how your engagement made a difference in the previous legal nurse consultant job. Quote the attorney directly to promote your cause.

Use these 7 strategies to stay relevant and increase your engagement in legal nurse consultant jobs.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share your strategies for increasing your engagement in legal nurse consultant jobs.

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