Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Share 9 Lucky Strategies for Acquiring Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Certified Legal Nurse Consultants Share 9 Lucky Strategies for Acquiring Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

Why do some Certified Legal Nurse Consultants make it look so easy? Is it luck or is it something they do that a less successful consultant doesn’t? I asked 5 CLNC® consultants to share their strategies for acquiring attorney-clients and associated legal nurse consultant jobs.

Lucky? You decide.

  1. Don’t sit around and wait for the attorneys to call. I regularly attend events to meet new attorneys and follow up with emails and phone calls. I’m always looking for upcoming opportunities to network and market my expertise and CLNC services.

– Marcia L. Bell, RN, BSN, CAPA, CLNC

  1. Put yourself out there. I market to attorneys face-to-face at legal conferences for legal nurse consultant jobs. To save time and money I use the customizable CLNC Marketing Templates and CLNC Promotional Items from the CLNC Marketing Center.
  1. Grab opportunities to provide additional CLNC services to your attorney-clients. I was consulting for an attorney who was discussing an upcoming deposition of an ICU nurse. I immediately offered to write relevant deposition questions. I know questions to ask the attorney might not know. After the attorney deposed the nurse (using my questions), the hospital immediately settled.

– Connie S. Chappelle, RNC, MN, ARNP, CLNC

  1. Retie every connection. I’ve had interviews with attorneys who didn’t hire me on the spot. But if the attorney invites you to his office, he’s a hot prospect. Just because you walk out empty handed today doesn’t mean an attorney won’t hire you next week or next month. Always retie the connection with an email or phone call and be sure to ask Vickie’s favorite question, “What case would you like me to get started on?”

– Dorene Goldstein, RNC, BSN, CLNC

  1. Lay the groundwork for acquiring attorney-clients in advance. I know many new Certified Legal Nurse Consultants who have amazing experiences getting their first attorney-clients fast. I’ve also heard some say, “I wish I was that lucky.” It’s not luck. Those of us who successfully acquire legal nurse consultant jobs laid the groundwork before we even earned our CLNC Certification. We began networking with family and friends as soon as we committed to becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Vickie highly recommends networking as a valuable marketing tool. Begin networking early, and you’ll be ready to go as soon as you’re certified.
  1. Exceed your attorney-clients’ expectations. I exceed expectations without being asked. For example, I beat deadlines when possible and always provide something extra such as background information on the defendants or plaintiffs or a diagram that will help prove an issue in the case. Going above and beyond ensures I get repeat cases.

Jane Hurst, RN, CLNC

  1. Never take “no thanks” as a real no. Immediately after becoming a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, I marketed to one of the most successful and respected firms in my state. During the first interview the attorney said, “Why would we need you when we are already the best?” Instead of taking his response as a firm “No,” I looked him in the eye and said, “Because I only want to work with the best.” I’ve been their only Certified Legal Nurse Consultant ever since.
  1. Don’t confuse socializing with marketing. Once they are away from their desk, attorneys are a social bunch. They love to eat, drink and talk – it’s easy to spend hours listening to them tell courtroom war stories. Remember to direct the conversation back to a current legal nurse consultant job and how you fit in to benefit the litigation process.
  1. Market to new attorney-prospects even when you’re busy. I learned that lesson the hard way. I was so happy when I reached my goal of six attorney-clients and thought I didn’t have to market any more. Wrong! One attorney-client switched to insurance subrogation and another became a district court judge. I was surprised that these events happened simultaneously. Today I constantly market to new attorneys. I can more comfortably go with the flow if any of my attorney-clients make changes in their careers.

Susan Schaab, RN, BSN, CLNC

Thanks to Marcia Bell, Connie Chappelle, Dorene Goldstein, Jane Hurst and Susan Schaab for sharing how you make your own luck in acquiring legal nurse consultant jobs.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share your “lucky” strategies for acquiring legal nurse consultant jobs.

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