7 Surprising Ways to Ask (or Not) for More Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

7 Surprising Ways to Ask (or Not) for More Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs

I just got off a mentoring call with a CLNC® consultant who wants to do more legal nurse consultant jobs for an attorney-client she’s only worked on a couple of cases for. I asked what was holding her back and she replied “I don’t like to ask for business.” I wish this CLNC consultant was alone in this attitude, but I know she’s not. Right?

So in this blog I’m challenging you to implement 7 surprising ways to ask (or not) for more legal nurse consultant jobs from your attorney-clients.

  1. Retie the connection. Contrary to popular belief absence does not make the heart grow fonder. It only makes the attorney forget about you. Send a handwritten card or new information on a case. Meet with the attorney in person when feasible or find a relevant reason to talk on the phone. The more relevant connections you make with the attorney, the more likely the attorney will be to connect you to his next legal nurse consultant job.
  2. Play in the attorney’s backyard. Exhibit at legal conferences your attorney-client attends. This simple strategy puts you in front of the attorney – a powerful reminder of your availability. Plus, your attorney-client will introduce you to his attorney colleagues. Instant endorsement!

    Model Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Marcia Bell who plays in the attorney’s backyard. She attends state bar association meetings and events. Marcia reties connections with attorney-clients who in turn introduce her to more attorney-prospects.

  3. Prequalify the legal nurse consultant job. When you ask for a case you want your response to be relevant. Just like you prequalify attorneys you should prequalify the legal nurse consultant job. Ask “What’s the most difficult case you’re handling now?” Then proceed to probe, ask questions and learn about the case. This will help you to identify the attorney’s pain points and show how your consultation is relevant to the attorney’s success. Now when you ask for the job the attorney will be wondering why she didn’t think of it first.
  4. Choose the optimal time. The best time to ask for the next legal nurse consultant job is when you’re discussing a case that you’re already consulting on, especially when the attorney is raving about your contribution. Why not press your advantage? Go ahead, ask for more business.
  5. Just ask for the case. The biggest mistake legal nurse consultants make is overthinking marketing. Just do it. Ask yourself “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” If the attorney tells you that he doesn’t have another case at the moment, tell him you’ll call in two weeks to follow-up. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t be shy! Wayne Gretsky, the famous hockey player said, “You miss all the shots you don’t take.” That’s true of marketing as much as it’s true of hockey. Any attorney-client can become a client for life and completely transform your legal nurse consulting business. But you’ll never know unless you ask. Whether you’re interviewing with an attorney or exhibiting, the only way to close a sale is to ask for it. Your job as a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is not complete until you ask for the legal nurse consultant job. Just do it! Ask!
  6. Provide stellar legal nurse consultant job work product. Every report for a legal nurse consultant job is a request for the next case. Providing stellar work product is the smartest way to ask without having to ask. You want the attorney-client to believe the litigation outcome will always be better when you’re included on the team.
  7. Ask for referrals. Don’t just ask for the next legal nurse consultant job. Ask for referrals to the attorney’s professional colleagues which lead to more attorney-clients and more cases. Request names, not just referrals. Express appreciation through a thank-you, free case screening or lunch. Follow through on the names provided and contact each referred attorney. When you follow up, mention specifically what the referring attorney suggested you could help the attorney-prospect with – for example, defending or prosecuting a medical malpractice case.

Use these 7 surprising ways to ask for more legal nurse consultant jobs and I’m confident this is one issue we won’t be mentoring you on.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how you ask for more legal nurse consultant jobs.

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