The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

Word of mouth referral never goes out of vogue. With technology today, the personalization of referral is a powerful marketing strategy in contrast to what can seem like the less personal Internet world.

Suzanne Arragg, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, shares how referral has made the difference in her CLNC® business.

“Referrals have helped me grow my CLNC® business throughout the years. Each new attorney-client that has sought my services has consistently stated, “I was referred to you by…..” This is always exciting to hear! I attribute the many referrals to my consistent follow-through, timely completion of CLNC® services, and regular email reminders related to specific case issues.

Recently, an attorney-client called me to inform me she was leaving her current law firm. My first thought was, “Aha, a potential new attorney-client!” As the conversation continued, she expressed to me her appreciation for my services over the years and proceeded to tell me she had recommended me to two other partners of different practice groups within this national firm. I expressed my gratitude for the referrals. No sooner did I hang up the phone, and my email went “DING!” and a request for services from one of the partners came streaming across my computer screen! I immediately responded. We chatted on the phone and later that same day records arrived! I was on my way to securing another attorney-client.”

Every attorney knows more attorneys. Start systemizing referrals today and watch your CLNC® business soar.

Success Is Yours!

P.S. Comment and share how referrals have helped you build your CLNC® business.

One thought on “The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

  1. Presently, I am working on the “word of mouth referral” as a marketing strategy to build my CLNC® business. The last time I spoke with one of Vickie’s CLNC® Mentors we discussed how many attorney clients I have so far which is two. The mentor suggested that I go back to them and ask for referrals. I appreciate this blog that demonstrates to me that it works. My accountable objective is to market to attorneys to obtain one new attorney-client each month and the action is using the referral approach. I am looking forward to evaluating the results of the plan.
    Thank you Suzanne for sharing!

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